Is political correctness endangering Christians?

The San Antonio city council voted 8-3 to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of classes protected from discrimination.

“This ordinance does ensure that everybody in our community is created equally,” Councilman Diego Bernal told  However, Christians aren’t so sure, they’re afraid of discrimination from gays and their supporters.  Mayor Julian Castro disregarded concerns from Christians that it might make them second class citizens.

Here’s my thing.  Gays should be treated equally to straight people.  They’re people, not monsters or Martians.  Being gay isn’t a mental illness or a sickness.  I doubt most gays would rather not be gay and put up with the abuse and treatment they get.  Unless they’re gay martian monsters with mental illness, then that’s a whole other issue right there.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

My problem with all this is that I fell there will be some frivolous law suits by gays that want to make a quick buck and not have to work.  I also feel that there will be boycotts and such, but nothing major.  If a business owner doesn’t want to serve someone because they’re homosexual than that’s the business owners right.  It’s also a gay business owner’s right to refuse to serve straight people.  It’s called the right to have association with whoever you like.  Associations can include personal or business dealings – to an extent.

However, I think the Christians are making too much of this.  I don’t really think their business will suffer too much.  The thing Christian and conservative business owners will have to watch out for is disgruntled employees.  I have a feeling you’ll see that rise a bit.

Still, overall, if the Christian and conservative business owners deal with the issue properly and show the gays respect as people, there really shouldn’t be a problem

Now, a couple paragraphs above I mentioned homosexuality isn’t a mental illness.  Let me expound on that a bit, because I know I’m gonna get someone arguing that point.  If someone is gay as a result of being molested, going through something tragic, as the symptom of some other mental illness, that’s different.  That’s a mental illness.  However, someone who’s just gay and is basically well-adjusted, that’s just who they are.  Not crazy, depressed, or mentally ill… just gay.

Now, here’s where I agitate a few people.  People with gender identification issues.  You know, born a guy, but “feel” like a girl or vice versa.  I don’t believe that should be protected as a LGBT issue.  I think that is a mental issue.

I mean, think about it.  If you can look at yourself naked and still be confused as to what gender you are, there’s a mental problem… or a vision problem.

Part of this comes from my religious views and the other from basic common sense.  I believe that if God made you a specific gender then you are that gender.  That’s my faith side.  My common sense side dictated that if your truck has Ford parts and a Ford body it’s a Ford, not a Chevy.


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