Obama: The Great Unifier?

Seriously.  I’m going to attempt to lay out the case that President Obama is a great unifier.  You think I’m kidding?  I also contend the current president has been good for business… some business.

If you go back and read my previous posts, you’ll see that I’m extremely critical of President Obama.  Actually, I’m extremely critical of anyone, Democrat or Republican, who has a globalist agenda and wants to dictate our lives.

However, this article is about Obama’s skill at unifying the US.  In the past he has done a lot to divide us, racially and by economic class.  He and his buddies has tried to take our guns away, restrict our rights of privacy, intimidate us as a nation, and has shown partisan politics in attempts to demean and demoralize conservative groups.

That all being said, I think Obama will go down in history as a unifier.  I believe the history books will read something like, “in his 2nd term, President Obama’s work in the Syrian crisis unified the nation.”  It will go on to say that “democrats and republicans, alike, found common ground in the president’s Syrian response.”

What it should say, as well, is that the unification was the nation being 90% opposed to his regime’s action and policy in Syria.  You see, Obama didn’t mean to unify us in that manner.  I think he thought he would have the Democrats following him simply because of who he is and that the Republicans would fall into place because there all “warmongers.”

Well, it backfired.  Just about the entire country turned against him in regards to Syria.  Even our closest ally, Brittain, decided not to participate in this trumped-up farce of a war.  Now, if we can just get France, Germany, and Israel to back off.

I could see us getting involved if we had assets there or some kind of dog in the fight.  Truth is, we should actually fight on the side of Assad if we are going to do anything.  The rebels are largely made up of al Qaeda.  If the war on terrorism is still an issue for Obama, he’d take the opportunity (we all know he’s an opportunist) to join up with Assad and fight the good fight against terror.  But, alas, he doesn’t.  He sides with the very people we’ve been at war with for the last 12 years and the people are angry… 90% of us are angry.  <– See?  Unified!

Now, onto business.  There are a few business models that have skyrocketed since Obama has been in office.   Survival, firearms, and conservative talk radio.  I would say that President Obama has done more for the sales of firearms than any other president ever has.  The fear that guns will be outlawed, or at least severely restricted, shot sales through the roof.  That goes for ammunition, too.

Obama’s failed economic policy has played a role, too.  People are working to become more and more self-reliant.  For example, long-term food storage and various other prepping and survival-oriented business have taken off like rockets.  Listen to radio shows and podcasts like The Survival Podcast, Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck.  Those are just a few of the show that have prepping type ads and affiliations with them. 

Then look at conservative and libertarian talk radio.  People are tired of the politics.  They’re tired of having their futures played with by a bunch of disconnected baboons in Congress.  Just the other day, John McCain was verbally assaulted by angry constituents, and rightly so.  He’s not the only one.  People are turning to conservative and libertarian radio and podcasts as an outlet to learn more about alternatives to their normal ways of thinking when it comes to politics and to vent their frustrations in an open, but controlled, forum that gets out to a lot of people very quickly.

So, as a conservative libertarian who opposes war with Syria and loves prepping and firearms industries, I want to thank Mr. Obama, personally, for helping those businesses grow and for unifying the American people.


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