Obituary of a Superpower

Today, we lay to rest the great and powerful United States.  She was beaten by political opponents and finished off with the knives of entitlement and liberalism.

Born and destined for greatness

For all accounts and purpose, the United States was born on July 4, 1776.  She went through a difficult birth as those in authority at the time we’re looking to stop that birth.  A lot of blood was spilled and a lot of tears were shed to bring about a new country; a new life.

Growing Pains

In her early years, the country began to have some growing pains.  There was the westward expansion, settlers working their way into lawless lands and wars offering new territories as the spoils of their victory.

Then came the civil war.  Like a couple of siblings fighting over a pretty girl, or two collegues fighting over the brass ring.  More blood spilled and more tears shed in an attempt to resolve a problem.  What did we get out of it?  The Reconstruction

However, the young nation persevered and carried on into adulthood.

Welcome to the show

The US really came into adulthood when she stood up to the Axis powers and demanded they stop the genocide in Europe.  Along with friends of the Allied powers, Lady Liberty marched her way across Europe, Africa, and the Pacific.

The US, after being sucker punched by Japan, joined up to kick some butt and defeat tyranny wherever it shows up.

The industrial and technological advances made by the US made her into one of the world’s superpowers.

Then comes the cold shoulder from Soviet Union, or did we give it to them?  Who really knows and I, frankly, don’t care.  The cold war was on and through our military might and political strength, the US was victorious and the Soviet Union collapsed, leaving the US as the only Superpower on the Earth.

The life declines

The beginning of the end came about during the cold war.  In the 1960s, you saw peole like the hippies protesting wars and promoting free love and drugs.  However, mainstream America was still holding on.

As the 1970s and 1980s came to pass, we saw the morality of the citizens declining.  The decline in morality sped up as the years passed.  People tried to push the edge of the envelope further and further, trying to outdo the people before them.

Then comes the instant gratification.  People looked for ways to get what they wanted and they wanted it right then.  No patience, just greed.  Everything had to be bigger, better, faster, more powerful, more expensive. 

People no longer wanted to wait for the 6 o’clock news, they want all the information they can get immediately.  Saving money for a large purchase became nearly unheard of as people started taking on more and more credit.

People became more and more dependent on technology and forgot the way s of their ancestors that worked so well for so long.  People became dependent on retail stores to stock nearly everything they would ever need in this life, but you can’t purchase pride and salvation.  However, the way we now live you can easily lose both .

Then the economy crashed in 2008.  more and more people tried to get ahead, but just couldn’t keep from falling behind.  welfare participation rates went up as more and more people became dependent of their over-stretched government.  Five years later, we find that you can make more money being on welfare than actually working.  It’s no wonder more and more people suck at the teet of Uncle Sam.  The idea of the nanny state sounds bad to many of us, but there are people that cling to it for the money they would otherwise have to go out and work for.  Pitiful, isn’t it.  It gets worse.

The Grave

With the mentality of so many Americans in the last 40 or 50 years, it’s no real surprise that Lady Liberty is laying on her death bed wishing things were different.  Afterall, she isn’t that old.  Everytime she made an attempt to heal herself she was kicked, stabbed, whipped, and beaten by failed policies and evil ideas like Obamacare, the NDAA, the NSA domestic spying program, and others.  Through these avenues, the government has managed to erode our civil liberties and diminish out Bill of Rights.

And the final fatal blow?  The final fatal blow was President Obama’s rhetoric on Syria.  He opened his big mouth and then felt he had to do something to get out of it.  Then John Kerry popped off his mouth stating that we may not strike Syria if they hand their chemical weapons over to be destroyed.  Putin saw this as his chance and offered to take them from Syria and to control the weapons until they could be disposed of.  Looks like Russia saved the day, while Obama tries to make it look like it was his policy that did it.  Mr. Obama, we all know the truth.  We all know you got in over your head… again.

The US as a superpower is no more.  She has passed.

Lady Liberty

July 1776 – Sept 2013


3 Comments to “Obituary of a Superpower”

  1. I agree.

  2. Not wrong my friend.
    Welcome to the world of has been world powers.
    The US and the UK in their own little group.
    Funny bit about it? German likes to think they rule the roost but it’s the old Communist world of the Russians and Chinese that are doing all the laughing.

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