Remember Generation X?

Do you remember the Generation X?  Remember how the older generations acted like the kids who were nothing but trouble?  I do.  I’m from Generation X.  So are many others in important positions. 

I also remember there were many that said Generation X would change the world.  I remember MTV used to celebrate the GenX-ers.  Albeit, I assume it was for marketshare as they dumped Gen X for Gen Y eventually.

For a long time it was said tha Generation X was the first generation in a long time to be less successful than the previous one.  A lot of people complained that Generation X was nothing but a bunch of lazy, self-absorbed gamers who only wanted instant gratification.  While a lot of that may be true as evident in the entitlement attitude that many Americans have and the “gimme gimme gimme” attitude of a lot of people nowadays.  It’s not exclusive to people of Generation X, either.  Look at a lot of Gen Y people.  They’re the children of Gen X, so they will naturally follow the lead provided to them, generally.

Now, this isn’t a piece condemning Generation X.  I’m going to actually go into a lot of the good that’s come from Generation X in a political sense.  A lot of this applies to Generation Y, too.

Let’s start by identifying who Generation X is.  They’re the generation born between 1961 and 1981.  They’re the children of the Baby Boomer generation.  Their parents fought in Korea and Viet Nam, some were hippies and went to Woodstock.

Generation X is the generation that grew up on PacMan and Donkey Kong, Knight Rider, and 70s and 80s music.  Politicians that make a difference (in a good way) are the likes of Rand Paul and Paul Ryan.

The liberty movement is chock full of Generation X folks.  You’ll see that we are not big on the status quo.  Well, some of us are, but a large faction of us are not.  For example, I value freedom and liberty more than I do a nice new flashy car.  I value independence and the risks that come with that over stable servitude.  I value the hard work over the easy way out.  I’m not the only one in Gen X that feels that way.

Do yourself a favor.  If you have any interest in prepping, look up Jack Spirko and The Survival Podcast.  You may also like Daniel Pearson’s Fun in the Woods channel on Youtube.  The reason I bring these up is that both these people are self relient.  There are lots of people out there, but those are 2 of my favorites.  Both are Generation X.

You’ll also see a lot of GenX people into political activism, whether liberal, conservative, or libertarian; even somewhere in the middle or way out on the fringes.  You see, a lot of GenX people really care about the direction of the country.  The thing is, which direction do you want this country to go and are you willing to get involved as so many of us do?


2 Comments to “Remember Generation X?”

  1. Generation X Babies.
    October 9, 1966 David Cameron, Prime minister of the UK.
    May 23, 1971 Gorge Osborne, Chancellor of the UK.
    January 7, 1967 Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of the UK

    They are all making my life and millions of other people’s life hell.
    So just remind me of how Generation X has benefited me again?

    • I didn’t say that all GenX were good. The point was that, I remember when they used to say that GenX was worthless and had no morals. A lot of GenX people, including me, are active in making the US more free. Back to the types of freedoms we had before special interest and political greed and the desire to control people took over as the majority in US politics.

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