Police officers attacking American’s rights?

The most recent story I’ve seen of police officers attacking American’s rights is a story on The Blaze.  It wasn’t an officer tazing or shooting an unarmed or non-threatening man, or an officer bullying a woman at a protest rally, or anything like that.  This was another direct assault on the 1st Amendment.  You may recall the way a man, a concerned parent, was treated when he spoke out against Common Core the other day by a large intimidating police officer working as security at the school district meeting.  Well, this is a different story.From The Blaze

A man in Somers, N.Y., hatched a plan to catch the individual responsible for allegedly stealing his pro-gun signs repeatedly from his front yard. He bought a trail cam, set it up near the sign — and then waited.

When he learned that his sign had been taken yet again, he was elated because he knew he had finally caught the person responsible on camera.

He just didn’t expect that person to be a uniformed police officer.

Assuming the photos are entirely authentic, a police officer with the Somers Police Department appears to have been caught on camera ripping the sign, which reads: “Protect the Second Amendment,” from the man’s front yard. It wasn’t immediately clear if the police officer had removed the sign previously too or if the action was ordered by Somers PD.

TheBlaze has left messages with the Somers Police Department as well as the man who claims his signs were removed from his property on multiple occasions.

Here’s the photo evidence, which the man posted on the pro-gun forum NYFirearms.com on Monday (also notice the timestamps of the photos):

NY Man Sets Up Hidden Camera and Finds Out Cop Stole His Pro Gun Sign

NY Man Sets Up Hidden Camera and Finds Out Cop Stole His Pro Gun Sign

NY Man Sets Up Hidden Camera and Finds Out Cop Stole His Pro Gun Sign

The man, who TheBlaze has been unable to contact so far, goes by the username “thecelt” on the forum. He explained exactly how the situation developed in a series of posts:

I sent an extra $20 donation to scopeny and they give you a repeal the safe act sign… I put it up and one scumbag neighbor called the town building inspector to complain. I got a letter for being in violation of a town code. As per advice on this forum from nyshooter I could fight it on grounds of my 1st amendment rights… so I called the town BI and after telling him ill fight it in court he asked what kind of sign it was so I said a pro2a sign so he said leave it up. A week or so later he called me back because the [neighbor] cried again and I said that I’m leaving it up. A day or so later my sign went missing…So I wanted to buy a trail cam first so I could catch the thief and press charges(can’t justify spending the money on one yet) before putting up another sign but I decided to make a sign of my own with plywood and I’m going to drive a couple 2×4 stakes in the ground so someone would have to really work to remove it.. here is a picture of the sign… tomorrow ill get a pic of it installed. Btw the stencils took quite a while to make and I rushed the paint work because I didn’t want to wait for one side to dry filly before doing the back side (both sides are the same)

One can understand why he first thought one of his neighbors, who was clearly against his Second Amendment sign and underlying message supporting the repeal New York’s so-called SAFE Act, was responsible.

NY Man Sets Up Hidden Camera and Finds Out Cop Stole His Pro Gun Sign

But after setting up his camera, which he reportedly bought with the help of donations from fellow members on NYFirearms.com, the man learned that a police officer had taken his sign — at least on this occasion.

“Very strange turn of events…and im not quite sure where to go with this now,” he wrote. “[It’s] the freaking SOMERS PD.”

It is entirely possible that the Somers Police Department had the “legal” right to remove the sign, though many on the forum say the man’s constitutional right to free speech was violated regardless.

As the man who posted the photos points out: “this is my property, although i have to find out if the town claims any rights to property on the edge of the road as this was about 4-5′ in from the edge of the roadway.” He also admitted that he was instructed to remove the sign once by the town’s building inspector, though he claims he ultimately was told he could leave it up.

In his final post on Monday, “thecelt” said he was seeking legal advice before taking any action or notifying the police department.

However, he also said he was “highly offended my constitutional rights are being violated and i certainly expect some action to be taken.”

Featured image via NYFirearms.com

Glenn Beck mentioned on his morning radio show that the road to tyranny starts with a nudge, then to a shove, then to shooting.  I agree.

On a side note, Robert Small, the Maryland parent in the school district meeting arrested for speaking up, will not be charged for assaulting a police officer, per the district attorney.

What’s it going to take, people, to get you to stand up and face off with tyranny and power-crazed police officers?  Are you going to just sit there and chew your cud as they march you to the slaughter?

I find it worrisome that so many people are just so blind to see what has happened to our country.  It saddens me that our children will never know the freedoms we once did because the federal government has grown so large and abusive, local and state police have jumped on board and become over zealous.  While not all cops are that way, there are enough of them in the ranks to cause some real problems for the citizens.  We need to work to get them out of the police force.  If one violates your rights, legitimately violates your rights, as was done to Robert Small of Maryland and “thecelt” of Somers, NY, stand up and speak out.  If you go to jail, so be it.

Now, keep in mind I said that not all police officers aren’t the same as the one’s discussed above.  So, I want to share a story about a kind cop.  Below is the story of a police officer who preformed a kind act posted on KFOR, our local NBC affiliate.

MOORE, Okla. – Police are still searching for two men who they say robbed a Moore teenager at knife point.

Meanwhile, the victim saw a sign of hope today when Nicoma Police Officer James Hall bought him a new bike to replace the stolen one.

“It just hit me in the gut that somebody would attack, you know, a child that already deals with so much in his life,” said Officer Hall.

He’s talking about Coleman Osbon. The 14-year-old who, despite autism, worked all summer to buy his bike only to have two thieves take it from him.

Osbon was riding his bike around the Shell station off of 12th St. and Janeway when the criminals approached him and said, ‘Hand over the bike.’ What they didn’t know is that the security camera set up inside the window was watching.

Police released pictures from the surveillance video of two men they want to talk to about the crime.

Meanwhile, Officer Hall pulled up to Osbon’s home with the big surprise.

“I just want to see the look on his face. He’s going to smile. he’ll be so happy,” said the Officer.

“We got you the newest version, supposed to be a step above the one you had,” he told the teen.

Osbon was a little shy at first, but immediately took the bike for a spin.

“I was like, ‘Wow! He’s doing that for me?’,” said Osbon.

It’s a gift that the teen’s father, Chris Anderson, says turns this scary situation around.

“For every bad perosn there’s probably 30 or 40 good people out there. So this right here shows,” said Anderson.

“We can’t control what happens in life, but there are people out there like us that are willing to step up and help out,” said Officer Hall. “There’s more good guys than bad guys.”

Officer Hall also works at a local car dealership. He says his coworkers from both jobs helped him buy the bike.

If you have any information that can help investigators find the thieves, call the Moore Police Department.

That was refreshing.


One more thing.  I saw this on the History Channel’s website and found it a bit ironic.  President Lincoln was shot the same day he signed legislation creating the Secret Service.


2 Comments to “Police officers attacking American’s rights?”

  1. His property but within plain view of a thoroughfare. The NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law will prohibit posting of the sign without a permit as it could be arguably distracting to operators of motor vehicles. It also raises a good question of why, all of these roadside memorials have popped up all over the place and are not immediately removed?
    Pro-2A/3% sign is the targeting reason, plain and simple. Gun control nutjobs are at work.

  2. The Town of Somers code allows for the posting of non-commercial signs in residential yards (Section 170 – signs permissible). Three signs are allowed, each no larger than two square feet, not more than five sq. ft. in total per yard. No permit needed. In all likelihood signs cannot be posted on the road right-of-way (depending on the width of the road, it may be that 10′ of “his” lawn is actually part of the highway!). I’m not certain, but there may very well be an additional “setback” required from the edge of the right-of-way too! He needs to find out where his front property actually is and if any signage setback from the legal edge of the road is required.
    Does the town code (maximum size of the sign) violate his 1st amendment rights? That’s tough to say. Is this size restriction unusually small compared to other towns in the area? I just looked at a SCOPE sign just down the street from me. They measure 24×18, much larger than two square ft.. My suggestion would be to cut the sign in two, just above the solid blue line. Place the upper half on its own stand and positioned directly behind (maybe one inch back) of the the lower half. When viewed from the street the two halves, the rear one set behind and above the forward one, will look like one message! That’ll constitute two (2) signs, roughly 24″x9″ each, well within the town restrictions.

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