Civil War within the GOP? You bet!

There are groups out there like the TEA party, Freedomworks, and Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund.  These groups are causing major rifts in the GOP and are nothing more than traitors and violent groups… if you listen to the likes of John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell.

Mind you, this civil war may not stay too civil, but it’s not one of armed conflict. It’s a war of words, ideas, and hostile takeovers buy the old guard.

The only thing that makes people like those individuals listed above conservative is their opposition to gay marriage and legalizing weed, for the most part.  Those people are just as progressive as the far left leaning liberals and the globalists looking to marry the US with the UN.

These are the same people who talk about your rights and how they really want to preserve freedom and liberty, but behind closed doors they wheel and deal to get what they really want; more money and more power.

These are the same people that have done more damage to the US with their appeasement of the left than anytime in recent history.

These are also the same people that will destroy you if you oppose them too much.  They are progressive globalists.

So what do you need to do as a libertarian or a small government republican?  Stop funding the GOP! When you give money to a particular candidate, that money first goes to the party. 

For example, let’s say you like Ted Cruz and want to donate to his campaign.  You might want to volunteer your time rather than your money because a significant portion actually goes to the GOP before it will ever go to Mr. Cruz.

Therefore, the globalists get the money, too.

The next thing you can do is to donate to Freedomworks and the Senate Conservates Fund.  Yes, the SCF is run by a Republican, but you’re not giving money to the GOP, you’re giving it to the grassroots effort.

But wait, there’s more!

You also have to be outspoken when it comes to politics.  Look, folks, if you find that your GOP congressman is not doing what he or she says they are, call them out on it.  Do it publically.  Embarrass the tar out of them!  Seriously, do it.  Hold them accountable and don’t let them go until they explain themselves.  Remember, they answer to you!



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