American and Proud

There is a lot of tension in the nation right now.  The government is failing, they are on a partial shut down, the deadline for the debt ceiling is looming just days away, VA disability payments likely will not go out next month, federally subsidized state programs are closing, and the food stamp program went offline when Xerox had a “power outage.”

This week we saw a bunch of elderly men and women (WWII vets) break the law and go to the WWII memorial in Washington D.C.  We heard plans of truckers driving their semis to D.C. to clog up the streets and there was a 1 million vet march about to take place.  Well, this weekend it all came to a head.

You see, Congress and the Obama regime are using the veterans and military personnel as pawns in their political games.  The House of Representatives issues bills to restore a functioning government, but Harry Reid’s  ill-intended political motivations keep the bills away from the Senate for a vote.

Also, the Obama regime has stopped veteran-centered programs like the VA hospitals, VA disability, various memorials, and death benefits for the families of our fallen heroes.  I mentioned in my previous article that there are far more expensive and less controversial programs that could have been cancelled in place of those they actually cut.  For example, the testing into automated drones that decide to kill without human influence, the NSA domestic spy program, golf courses on military bases, and Obama’s globe-trotting.

I want you to see some of the reasons I’m proud of being an American and why I’m severely disappointed in my government.

These pictures are from tweets of people actually at the protests and are posted on The Blaze.

View image on Twitter

@TheRickWilson via Twitter. Why do the police need this to control a peaceful protest?

View image on Twitter

Via Twitter @ConstWarrior: Police getting ready to face down veterans peacefully protesting.

View image on Twitter

@BetBell3 via Twitter: Police on horseback for crowd control.

View image on Twitter

@LoLoGray6979 via Twitter: Helicopters keeping an eye on the peaceful protesters. Notice how clean the grounds were after the veterans left.

View image on Twitter

@ComradeArthur via Twitter: Protesters neatly stack the barricades. Notice they’re not trashing the place up. See the respect they hold for the memorials?

View image on Twitter

@AndrewBCreech via Twitter: Look at this veteran. I guy lost his legs and he’s not giving up. This is probably my favorite pic.

View image on Twitter

@WRSABlog via Twitter: Awesome! Make it postage due!

View image on Twitter

@Kudzu81 via Twitter: After all these years, they’re still ready for a good fight.

You see, folks, the police showing up and trying to intimidate the protesters is sickening.  Those guys took the same oath I did.  They took the same oath those veterans did.  And now… now…  now they decide to take for the regime and forget about the Constitution.  They think they’re just doing their jobs, but they’re actually doing nothing more than acting like the other sheep in this country that just blindly follow unjust orders.

The veterans and their supporters make me proud I’m an American.  They’re standing up for what’s right, they’re showing that even though Congress and their “president” turn their backs on these men and women, they still believe in America.  God bless every one of them.

If you haven’t done so yet, go to The Blaze and read the story.  It’s being updated as the event unfolds, so keep following.



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