Entitlements gone awry. Was it a test?

Food stamp recipients across the country were stunned last week to learn their EBT cards were not working due to a power outage at Xerox.  You would be understanding if the people were upset and worried about what was going on.  You know, ask some questions about when it will be back up or maybe ask what they can do until service is restored.  However, that’s not what happened.

The food stamp recipients took this opportunity to begin stealing from the store and acting like a bunch of animals.  Mind you, not all people on food stamp programs are like this and I’m sure not all of them acted like idiots.

Then a few days later, recipients in Louisiana found that the limits on their EBT cards were accidentally lifted and guess what happened.  Those greedy self-absorbed people completely ransacked the stores.  Two Wal-Marts in the state were ripped to shreds by people trying to get everything they can.  They had more than they could obviously use, but they wanted it all.

Oh, and get this… once the cap was restored to the cards, the people walked out leaving carts full of stuff they could no longer buy.

People like that really irritate the tar out of me.  Why?  Because all they care about is how much they can get for free.  I call these people Welfare Whores.  I’ve met some that are willing to work extremely hard to get something for free.  Actually, they’re willing to work harder at that, then they are to work a real job that’ll pay them more.

Oh yeah, and their actions affect us, too.  Guess who gets to foot the bill for the EBT program’s system failure.  Wal-Mart. 

Yeah, I know they have a lot of money and they will be fine, but you don’t go screwing up someone’s stuff because they’ll be fine. 

Was it all a test?

Were the Xerox and EBT malfunctions over the past week a test to see how the public would react under such circumstances?  There is speculation of this and it makes sense.

You see, we live in a world with corrupt governments and greedy politicians.  People who are power-hungry and willing to do what they have to for that senate seat or for a spot in the cabinet, or to sit in the oval office.  Chances are, they don’t give a flip about you, your family, or your community.  They’ll say they do, but they want the votes. 

Folks, it’s been that way for a long time, but then enter the FISA court and the Patriot Act.  Now the government wants to listen in on your phone calls and read your emails.  Now the government wants to see who you are connected with on Facebook and Google+ and all the other social networking sites.

We went from a government that wants to spy on our enemies to a government that wants to spy on us.  Oh yeah, and it’s all in the name of security.  Right.

Now, how does that play into the food stamp fiasco?  I’d be willing to bet money that Homeland Security watched to see how quickly things would become chaotic.  Take away the food or give the ability to get as much food as you want and see what happens.  The issues with the food stamps went from one extreme to the other and each only lasted about 2 hours. 

Interesting to say the least.


3 Comments to “Entitlements gone awry. Was it a test?”

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    This occurred to me when I heard about (Monday was the first I heard about it as I was not on the computer all weekend). Now I suspect the same thing as the OP.

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing, a test, or perhaps a warning. It just seems awful convenient, and very worrying.

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