The meltdowns I believe are coming

There are a number of meltdowns I believe are coming to the US and to global markets.  These things fall into economic, social, and political categories.  The social and political fall pretty close together in many instances, so I’ll address those together.


The first is an economic meltdown.  You might call it a collapse.  Same thing.  Anyway, here’s why I see it coming.  The federal reserve is still printing money.  However, have you noticed that it seems the news doesn’t want to talk much about it?  Well, that’s because most of the news outlets are nothing more than mouthpieces for the Obama regime.  Obama and his cronies say jump and the major media asks how high.

Printing dollar after dollar is not a good thing people.  As more money is printed, there is more in circulation.  When there is more in circulation, the value goes down.  That’s evident in the rate of inflation.  For example, I still remember when I could go to the local convenience store (not too long ago) and buy a Coca-Cola 20 ounce bottle for under a dollar.  Today, here in Oklahoma, it’s between $1.40 and $1.70 depending on where you shop.  Inflation results in the cost of living going up year after year. 

Now that we know that the cost of living is going up every year, let me ask you something.  Does your pay go up every year at the same rate of inflation or better?  Not likely.  Do you see the problem ahead?

Printing money isn’t the only problem in our coming economic woes.  Taxation, ObamaCare, and overspending by our friends in Washington contribute huge parts of the problem, too.

So, printing more money, DC spends like drunken sailors (sorry drunken sailors, no offense is comparing you to Congress), the Left/Progressives want to tax you more and more, and then you have ObamaCare lurking with expensive (if you want decent coverage) insurance policies and penalties for not signing up.

There’s still more involved in all the economic problems we face, but going into it all will just depress you.

Social & Political

The next meltdown I see coming is social.  You see people lose their minds and go off on killing sprees, doing horrible things to each other, and just generally being selfish and taking advantage of government safety nets.

We are also seeing political movements that erode at the traditional values of American society.  I’m lumping it all in here, too.  Anything that flies in the face of what our founding fathers put together for us; anything that undermines family values; anything that breaks apart our culture and transforms it into another, they’re all bad.

Now, I know that some of you will ask about the family values and here’s my answer.  I don’t know.  Family values vary from family to family.  However, when society tells you that whatever is traditional for your family needs to change, you tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Then there’s the whole immigration thing.  I’m addressing this upon request.  I love immigrants.  Immigrants built this country.  However, I have a real problem with illegals being rewarded with amnesty.  I don’t care if the person promoting it is a Democrat or a Republican.  Giving someone amnesty for coming here illegally is a slap in the face for all those who did it the legal way.  Yes, Marco Rubio, I’m talking to you.

Oh, yeah, hey Lefties, we are not global citizens.  We are Americans.  We fought hard to build this country and make it the greatest place on earth, but now all you progressive globalist anti-American pukes are trying to tear it apart and make into some third world country.  So, stop it, a lot of us love our country and want to keep it free.

The last part of my rant here is the coming police state.  The government has drones they use to kill Americans overseas… for now.  They enact these unconstitutional laws and then get some activist judge to say it’s constitutional after it’s challenged.  We have our military training with local police.  Need proof?  Go to YouTube and search “army police drill Miami.”  You’ll see local news reports and video of the exercise from witnesses.  Land of the free?  Not any longer.


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