How to get our country back without firing a single shot

No, the answer is not firing several shots, either.  I have come to believe the answer is to change the country from within ourselves.  So many people preach that they want to go back to a simpler time; a time when we were actually free, when our food was actually food, when family meant something.  However, a lot of those people are more into dreaming of armed conflict and the glory of restoring our country to the vision of our founding fathers.

While armed conflict may be in our future, I sincerely hope that’s not the case.  I would rather see movements within society that tells the government that we want reform.  From what I’ve seen, most of the armed conflicts in the world that aim to give the people freedom are usually hijacked by extremists who seem to think that their way is the only way and they become just as bad as what they deposed.  The countries in the Middle East comes to mind.  I’m not saying that we have the same mentality here they do there, but we do have a lot of people here with a globalist mindset and would love to take total power in the guise of freedom.

My idea is that if we work to change how we do things, how we live, and how we treat others with different ideas; we may be successful.

You see, on Halloween, I was driving to take my son out for trick-or-treating.  While on my 45 minute drive to his house, I thought to myself, “what can be done to really change the course our country is on?”

This is the answer I came up with. We would need to start a movement that focuses on local communities.  All the following parts of my plan are equally important and should all be implemented together, if possible. 

First, local and state politics should trump federal politics.  We need people within the local communities and at the state level who are willing to stand up and do what’s right for the people of the state, rather than what’s good for their pocketbooks.  However, voting for people isn’t enough.  People have to be informed on the issues from a non-partisan aspect.  No more party-line voting.  Stop with the party affiliation when it comes to bills or propositions and present the real consequences, good and bad, of a bill to the people.

Just as important is the local economy.  Here in Oklahoma City, the economy is strong, lots of jobs and the cost of living is pretty inexpensive.  However, that’s not all it takes.  We still need to boost the local economy through such things as buying locally, supporting local farmers, being involved in economic decision-making, and growing your own food if and when you can.

You like what you see when it comes to your health, too.  You can weed out the pesticides and chemicals that make your food less healthy for you.  Buying meat from a local butcher or farmer would help, too.  It may cost a bit more, but the benefits could far outweigh the upfront costs.

Then, another part of the solution is the family.  So many people today put more importance on themselves than they do their family.  I see that as a big problem in today’s society.  A close-knit family is one that plays together and prays together stays together.  That’s my view.

Now, I know that some of you will say, that you have a different faith or just don’t really believe in God.  That’s fine.  At least you can play together and do things to keep the family close.  Work with your kids so they know you care and understand them.  Let them know that you’ve been through a lot of what they’re going through; be their rock.  Do the same for your spouse or significant other.

Build a strong foundation within your family and work your butt off to make sure your children grow up to be solid pillars in society.

Still there’s more to this solution.  Turn off the TV and have a social life.  I don’t mean go out and drink at the bar either.  I mean go get involved in local groups, it can be a social group or a church group.  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it fits your morals and ethics.  The point is to build a strong community.  We need those days back when people knew each other within their neighborhoods.  That sort of relationship is far more meaningful than having a friend in some other country that you chat with online or in a game.

We also need to get rid of this political correctness stuff.  It does nothing but anger people and make victims of everyone in some way or another.  We also need to stop the entitlement mentality.  No one has ever been promised to be taken care of, nor should they be.  That’s one of the things that makes this country so great; we have the freedom to fail.  At the same time, we have the freedom to be successful beyond our wildest dreams.

So, what do I see as the results of this solution?  I see a more independent people emerging and a smaller government because people will learn to take care of themselves.  I see crime going down as communities become stronger and people begin to know and understand each other more.  I see freedom restored when the government sees they’re not needed as much and the entitlement mentality is replaced with productive pride and ambition. 

Sounds nice?  Sounds great to me.  The caveat is that this is not an over night solution.  It will take work, a lot of work.  It will take attitude changes and the willingness to put forth the effort to help others see there is a way out of this mess.  Folks, this will take time, but I believe the end result will be well worth it.


3 Comments to “How to get our country back without firing a single shot”

  1. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  2. Very thoughtful post and along the lines of what I’ve been thinking.

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