To my dear sweet Kasha

Kasha CrossI received a few emails asking why I didn’t write about Veteran’s Day, as I tend to write something about each patriotic and Christian holiday.  Well, the reason is simple.  I didn’t feel like it.  I had a loss in my family over the weekend and it cut pretty deep.

Kasha was my second Great Pyrenees.  My former wife and I got her back in 2008 (if memory serves me right) and she quickly melted our hearts.  She was a beautiful girl and full of life.  I still remember the day we brought her home as if it was just yesterday.

Kasha bonded with our male Polaris pretty quickly and she let him know she was in charge almost immediately.  Those two dogs made a great couple and they were friends until the end. 

I can still see her pacing the backyard in despair after Polaris died last June… June 25.  Now, nearly 5 months later, on November 10, Kasha is gone, too, at 11 years old.

What cuts so deep is that once they (pets) get into your heart and you see they’re individuals with their own personalities and souls, they become just as important as any person in your family.  At least that’s how it works with me.  My last remaining dog is Maverick and I know it’ll kill me when he goes.  Polaris and Kasha were extremely difficult for me.

Kasha,  I know you know how much you were loved.  Everyone thought you were so beautiful and such as sweet loving girl.  I miss how you would walk up to me and use your nose to lift my hand to your head, how you’d climb up on the couch and lay down next to me, how you’d drop down and shake your head when you wanted to play.

Kasha, your whole family misses you.  When we lost Polaris, you came inside and really helped us through his death as much as I feel we helped you. 

Kasha, my sweet girl, I love you and miss you so much.  I hope to see you again someday.

Goodbye, girl.

That’s all I really have.  I’m at work and can’t let the others see me like this.  Just know that dog was a hell of a good dog and anyone who knew her was lucky to have known her.

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2 Comments to “To my dear sweet Kasha”

  1. So sorry about your loss. We lost our only dog about 5 months ago, and have a keen remembrance of the sadness you are now experiencing. I’m sure we’ll get another one once we more fully recover. God bless you.

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