McCain say whaaaaaat?

So, I assume you remember that big ol’ furlough we went through last month and Ted Cruz gave an impassioned (and long) speech about defunding ObamaCare in an effort to repeal it.  During that whole thing, the good (sarcasm) Senator John McCain talked about Cruz being a nutjob; an extremist.

McCain talked about how ObamaCare is now law and cannot be repealed.  My argument, like so many others, was that slavery was a law that was repealed, so was prohibition, and so was only white men voting.  See the trend?  Unjust laws can be repealed.

Now, McCain has made a complete U-turn.  When the ACA’s website rollout didn’t go as expected and so few people signed up.  Obama and several Democrats began backpedaling.  When McCain saw this, he immediately jumped on board the repeal bandwagon.  He goes on TV talking about full repeal.  Keep in mind this is something he said wasn’t possible just a month ago. 

John McCain is a sorry SOB, in my opinion.  This guy acts as if he’s doing good things for the country, when in reality he’s only doing what he thinks is good for him.  He’s nothing more than a big government fake that only wants to line his own pockets.  Any balls he may have had are now sitting in a government purse somewhere.

If McCain actually cared about the direction of this nation, he would be at least semi-consistant in his view, but no, he’s just another windsock.  He goes after fellow party members with different views and sides with the Left too often.  He calls himself the Maverick like it makes him feel like a cowboy or something.

Well, Mr. McCain, you’re not a maverick.  You’re an old fart that wants to keep his job and is willing to screw anyone to do so.  You’re no better than Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.  Which, in my book, is no better than that socialist puke occupying the White House right now.

I hope to see that McCain gets what he truly deserves; voted out of office.  I hope to see him, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and all the other self-absorbed politicians voted out as soon as their seats are contested. 

Those of you in Arizona, stop voting for McCain and grow some balls.  Give someone who cares about the country a chance in the Senate.  Kentucky, you too.  Get that old McConnell out of their and let the next person who actually cares have a shot.

What we’re doing now isn’t working and to keep doing it is insanity.  It’s like cutting yourself over and over hoping that eventually it won’t hurt.  It doesn’t work… not without good meds, at least.

Stop the insanity.


3 Comments to “McCain say whaaaaaat?”

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    McCain and the rest of the RINOs, OUT. Obama, OUT. Pelosi, Boxcar whatshername, OUT. Reid, OUT.


  2. I like your general analysis, the only question I have is where are we going to find these people who actually care. The problem with politicians is that the people who care about liberty don’t want to push their goals on others and rarely go into office. It’s the people who want to force their bullshit on everyone else that fight their way into politics. 2008… what a sad year for the GOP. Not sure it’ll ever recover.

    On a side note, I found your post over at TRT1K and made a response there. Sorry to have taken so long.

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