The Mamas and the Papas

Growing up, if your youth was like mine, you had one parent who gave you everything and was easier on you than the other.  In most cases, it seems to be that the mother is more giving and easier on the child than the father.  The father is more disciplinarian than the mother is; he tends to say “no” more often.  It’s not that he doesn’t care or want the best for you, he just has a different way of showing it.

Well, it would seem that our government has become the mama and papa for the country.  Well, I should specify this a bit.  The 2 major parties have become the mama and papa.  The Democratic party is the mama, as they want to give everything they can to the children (us) in hopes of creating the best possible life for us.  The Republican party is the papa.  They want us to have the best life and want to help us, but want to make us work for it a bit.  Note the words “a bit.” 

You see the problem here is that these parents have become overly protective and intrusive.  They want to know everything we do, when we do it, how we do it, and they want to be there to guide us through everything with their network of so-called experts, their lobbyist-created laws and activist-throttled policies.

They’re like that mother your friend has.  You know the one; she wants to control every aspect of your friend’s life even when they’re an adult making their own decisions.  Like in comedies when the parent asked the adult child when they’re going to start having children.

What do you do with parents like that?  Well, you probably roll your eyes at them; tell them to mind their own business in a nice way; and carry on with your life.

Well, that’s what we seem to be doing with our government, right now.  Except, here’s the problem; they aren’t as nice to us when we tell them to back off a bit.  They become more like that belligerent drunk parent you see in movies that gets hostile when you just want your space.  They may become more like a psychotic step-parent that doesn’t really like you in the first place and decides to screw with your life for taking a stand, thinking they have the right to punish you when they have no such right.

The thing is, you keep letting them punish you and screw with you as you build resentment, but you do nothing about it.  You just clam up and take it.  How long will you take it before you finally ask to be cut out of the will and tell them to take a long walk off a short pier?

You don’t have to be dependent on them anymore.  You’re an adult and can make decisions for yourself.  It’s time you act like it.  It’s time to cut the cord.  Be free little bird, be free.

***This article in no way reflects my parents, or the parents of anyone I know, or my friends who are parents.***


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