A perfect example of federal enslavement through entitlement

The American Indian is often shown in two lights.  Some show them as proud warriors with a strong culture and heritage.  The other, well, the other is less flattering.  You know, that as a savage drunk that’s dependent on the government for spoiled meat.  Does it depend on the tribe as to which is true?  Not really.  I think, rather, it depends on who’s point of view the “light” is coming from.

What brought this up, you ask?  Well, a story that came out about the Caddo tribe of Oklahoma brought it up and made me start thinking.  The tribe has been designated “high risk” following inter-tribal fighting over who is the rightful chair of the tribe.

From News Daily:

A letter from Bureau of Indian Affairs Acting Regional Director Terry Bruner says the squabbling among members of the Caddo Nation is affecting tribal business, The Lawton Constitution reported (http://bit.ly/1hZMZ42).

Bruner’s letter is to Brenda Edwards, the disputed chairwoman of the 5,000-member tribe. It says the tribe has been deemed high risk because it has failed to comply with conditions of contracts and grants, specifically the failure to account for $600,000 in tribal and federal funds that was withdrawn from a bank.

“This is a form of misapplication and/or misappropriation of federal funds,” Bruner said in the letter.

The designation means the tribe’s payments have been restricted with certain conditions: there must be written documentation for all drawdowns, all program and financial reports must be submitted to the BIA-Southern Plains Regional Office, and the BIA monitor and conduct reviews of the financial management system and programs and provide technical assistance.

Edwards, who is in a power dispute with tribal interim Chairman Phillip Smith, denies any misappropriation of funds. Smith and a few other tribal council members led a recall effort against Edwards 16 days into her second term as chairwoman. Edwards was recalled by a vote of 36-0. Smith and his group of council members took over the tribal complex and business offices in September. Shortly after that, an election was scheduled for Jan. 11.

But Edwards said the recall was invalid and that the takeover of the tribal complex was tantamount to theft. She also said there is no valid election scheduled for January and that as far as she knows, the BIA recognizes her as the tribe’s chairwoman.

Edwards said she has not received a copy of the letter designating the tribe high risk.

“I haven’t heard much of anything from the BIA,” Edwards said. “We’ve been carrying on with the normal government to government relations as far as I know.”

So, how does this tie into enslavement through entitlement.  The federal government gives American Indian tribes money for their sovereign governmental operations.  They also give the Indians money to pass along to the people of the tribes in the form of welfare.  That money comes in the form of food stamps, free healthcare that is, in many cases, sub par, and other welfare or entitlement programs.

Now, I know that the US government spend quite a bit of time breaking treaties and agreements with the tribes and the Indians deserve to be treated better than they have. That’s human dignity.  However, I argue that giving them everything under the sun leads to dependence on the government.  We’ve seen it for years.  It began with the westward expansion of the US; the brutal territorial wars that lead to the massacre of thousands of Indians and then thousands of American settlers in retaliatory attacks.

Then it went onto the federal authorities giving the Indians food and blankets; moving them to land that wasn’t fit to live on, in many cases, only to be moved again when the US decided they needed the land for something else.  Then, when the tribes tried to protest their treatment, their camps were burned down and the inhabitants massacred like animals.

Then, to make up for the misdeeds of the US government, the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), created in 1824, took over most or all management duties of dealing with the tribes.  They basically, in my opinion, became an entitlement and law enforcement agency furthering the dependency of the Indians on the federal government.

Now, without federal entitlements, there is really no way for most tribes to survive.  There are a few exceptions, but out of the 545 tribes currently receiving support from the US government, a large portion would be in serious trouble.

Now, I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail from Indians for saying all this and for using the term “Indians” rather than “Native Americans,” but I absolutely despise political correctness. The federal government stripped the noble Indian of so much through the systematic slaughter of their people, removal from their lands, and then giving them entitlements and treating them like children, while destroying their way of life.

The same goes for all the entitlement programs the federal government has going on today for everyone else.  They make it so that our independence erodes like a sandy beach in a hurricane.  I look at it as if the Indians were the guinea pigs.  Now the rest of the US is in trouble.

Hello to my newest reader, Carol in Oklahoma.


One Comment to “A perfect example of federal enslavement through entitlement”

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    The American Indians do not own their reservations and cannot go to a bank and use the real property as collateral. The US Government has kept the American Indians as a form of squatters on their own land, which is outrageous. Obama has apologized to every dictator on earth but refuses to right the wrongs that in this 21st Century, continue. Unbelievable. As far as politically correct names are concerned, whether Native American, or American Indian, my view is this, we are born on their land so give respect where it is due and the proper thing to do, and, listen real closely.., would a rose by any other name, not smell as sweet? Stop the softy insulted feelings and we need to combine as a People. Many have a heritage of nobility and fought for their land against illegal aliens who were nothing more than boat people some felt sorry for.

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