Pay cuts in the wrong places

Congress….  When I think of Congress, I think of the opposite of progress.  You know, pros and cons.  So, when I see in the news that Congress decided to cut the benefits and pensions of active and retired military, I start to think to myself that those selfish people in Congress have their priorities wrong.  I used the term “people” because this is a family friendly blog… well, I try to keep it family friendly.

Do you realize how many places Congress could cut spending rather than from those who served and are currently serving?  Lets start off with illegals.  They come into this country and get on our welfare system, get other hand outs from local, state, and federal governments, put stress on our infrastructure and economy, and use emergency medical services in place of going to a regular doctors office.

Now, I get it, a lot of them come here from all over the world for a better life.  However, a lot of them come over to lead a life of crime in drug dealing, human trafficking, and other crimes.

Secondly, there are a tons of entitlements that are in place to make those who started them look good to their constituents.  There are some entitlements that overlap and have the same function and benefit the same people.

The list goes on, but the one I really want to hit on is Congress.  The benefits and perks of being in Congress are enough to make even the most honest man corrupt.  Lets start there.  Now, I know that there are tons more people in the US military than there are in Congress, but cutting out many of the perks that congressman and their staffers receive would be a great start.

Their benefit plan is amazing.  Heck, I’d love to have it, and mine is pretty good!  I think that all those clowns who voted for Obamacare should have to be on it; out of their own pocket, too.  That would cut costs dramatically.

Instead, these morons decide they need to cut the benefits to military and vets.  I about blew my top when I saw this.  When there are so many things out there that can be cut, those idiots decide they’re going to cut vet benefits.  They took the much earned benefits from those who served the country and went into harms way.

It’s a shame… a crying shame.


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