Are you safe?

Safety and security, for the most part, is just an illusion.  You lock your door and set your alarm and go to bed at night.  What if someone really wants to harm you or take your stuff?  I hate to tell you, but they’re going to get it if it isn’t secured properly and if you don’t have redundancy in your security plan.  


When someone says redundancy, what does that mean?  In security, it means to have multiple layers.  I have redundancy in my home security plan.  Obviously, I’m not going to disclose what they are, but I have it.  For someone to enter my home uninvited, to invade my privacy, to lay claim to my possessions is unacceptable.  Therefore, I set my home up to be a safe place free from all those who would do harm or steal.  I know it sounds a bit paranoid, but you never know who wants your stuff.

How do you set up your own redundancy?  Well, that’s a good question, Mr. Reader.  First, you want to make sure you have dead bolts on all your doors.  Most thieves are looking for easy access and that will keep most at bay.  However, there are those who won’t be deterred by a mere locked door.

Then comes, the alarm.  Get you a good alarm system and have it monitored.  That will notify the company in the event of a break in, who will, in turn, call police.  That’s better for when you’re not home, but you’re not complete yet.  Remember, the police are only minutes away when seconds count.

Working clock conceals valuables

Working clock conceals valuables

The next step is to hide your goodies.  No I don’t mean just out of sight, either.  And a safe may or may not work, as it has to be anchored down to the floor to keep someone from just dragging it out and cracking it open.  Something like a false wall, hidden cabinets, or one of many commercially built concealment items would work.  There are several options when it comes to concealment furniture.  Clocks, tables, and even beds.

A quick Google search will show you all kinds of designs you can buy or build yourself.

Another part of the plan would be a firearm… or three… or several.  But having a gun, alone, doesn’t do it.  You have to practice with it, get good with it.  Make it a part of you.  Now this is gonna sound a bit weird, but love it and treat it like it’s your significant other.  No, don’t sleep with it, that’s just too weird.  Let me rephrase that.  Pretend its the best friend you’ve ever had on a strictly platonic basis.  Ok, that’s enough there.

Bottom line, get a gun, figure out what kind works best for you, and practice with it.  Walk through your house in the dark with it, unloaded, to get the feel of confronting an intruder in the dark.  Remember, when you know the layout of your home in pitch darkness, you keep the advantage.

Then the last part is to have an escape.  You never know what you’re going to encounter, so be prepared to get out if you have to.

Keep in mind, this is in no way a comprehensive security plan, but it gives you a basic layout to start with.


2 Comments to “Are you safe?”

  1. Most security is an illusion and despite modern technology if anyone wanted into our home they could.
    Then they have a problem. We’ve got nothing valuable.
    Nice being on the breadline isn’t it!
    Having said that the dogs may let them in (they have a wicked sense of humor) BUT they ain’t getting out. Since we kept dogs the signage plus the meaty barking is one heck of a deterrent.
    To the extent that even the neighborhood watch won’t come a knocking.

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