So, ya wanna date a prepper!

The idea for this article was given to me by a good friend.  She wrote about dating on her blog, but she won’t let me read her blog….  Hmmmmm….  Anyway, so you want to date a prepper, huh?  Well, there are a few thing you should know and a few things you should look out for, in my humble opinion.

The first thing is that you’ll have to accept the the prepper is not necessarily some guy who thinks the government is after him or that everything the news or the government says is a big conspiracy.  Sometimes it is what it is.  Now, I don’t trust most of our government, but it’s just not in their best interest to try to screw us at every turn.  I don’t believe they’re doing that… just every other turn.

You’re going to likely see a cache of food and water.  Don’t look at this as weird.  Think about the winter time and a huge snow storm is moving in.  You go to the store and realize that everything is gone.  The hordes of people before you bought just about everything and you’re stuck with stuff your dog won’t eat.  Be thankful that your prepper love interest has this stuff saved up.

Guns:  most preppers love guns.  Yes, I love them just as much as the next red blooded American prepper.  Why do we need guns and sooooooo many bullets?  Well, there’s a good reason for that.  No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse.  It’s more likely that if there is a disaster that takes food from the shelves and there are people trying to feed their families, they may want what you have. Remember Hurricane Katrina?  Yeah…. I do.

Then there’s the mindset.  It’s the mindset that things can and will go wrong and all the prepping done will pay off.  It’s not paranoia.  It’s not pessimism.  It’s actually a twisted form of optimism.  I’m optimistic that something will happen and my supplies will come in handy.  Doubt me?  Again, Katrina.  You can also look at Oklahoma in the month of May most years.  The city of Moore is all too familiar with catastrophe associated with weather and the hardship caused by mother nature.

Prepping should be something everyone does, but what you prep for is what makes you reasonable or just a bit out there, in my opinion.  If you’re going to date a prepper and he/she is prepping for the imminent collision with an asteroid; run.  There are for more things to prep for first that are more likely; like losing a job, death of a spouse or other loved one, natural disasters that are becoming more frequent.  Besides, chances are that an asteroid large enough to make a prepper have to break out his rations is large enough the prepper will never get to his rations.

Things to watch out for when dating or attempting to date a prepper:  What do they think about the government and/or the role of government.  Some preppers are conspiracy theorists and anarchists.  I am not an anarchist by any stretch of the imagination.  I feel that anarchists are a slap in the face of our founders.  I’m for limited government and more states’ rights.

Next, does that prepper call him/herself a “targeted individual” or a “TI?”   That means one of 2 things.  First, they think they’re important enough to warrant being watched by Uncle Sam.  Keep in mind that there are so many people in this country that there is no real way to know if you’re a targeted individual.  Generally, those who think they are have delusions of grandeur and are not targeted.

Then there are those who are targeted.  That means they’ve done something that has caught the attention of the government.  Generally, it’s not good.  Now, I’m not siding with the government in any circumstance here, but why bring that kind of drama into your life. 

I’ve learned that many people who call themselves “targeted” are actually targeted for an actual reason; drugs, child porn, etc.

You’ll know when you’re dating a person who’s a prepper and not using that term as cover for some anti-government retarded crap.  He/She has a food cache; they will have weapons to defend themselves, their friends and family, and their food and home; they tend to be libertarian or independent politically; usually, they don’t care what you do with your life, so long as you’re not hurting others or putting too much of a strain on the infrastructure; and they’re most likely a decent person that you would never know by looking that them that they were a prepper.

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