Is Nevada the match that sets it all off?

You may or may not know what’s going on in Nevada right now or the implications it poses for the rest of the US, so let me tell you all about it.  In a nutshell, there is this rancher grazing cattle on public land in Nevada.  Ranchers have done this since the mid-1800s. 

Recently, an environmentalist group went to DC and told them that there is a species of desert turtle or tortoise, I forget, that lives in that area.  Therefore, the BLM felt it was their duty to intrude on the rights of the ranchers and other people in the area and keep them out.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has now blocked access to Nevada’s public land, began stealing Cliven Bundy’s cattle, BLM officers are now accused of tazing, beating, and shoving Bundy family members.

There are protesters in the area attempting to block the cattle trucks, trying to stop the federal government from stealing the Bundy’s cattle and their livelihood.

The BLM has also put approximately 200 armed agents and several helicopters on the job, too.  This has all the signs of turning into another Ruby Ridge incident. 

Ian, look up Ruby Ridge.  Never mind the family that had some personal beliefs that you may not understand or agree with, but pay attention to the violation of their rights.

However, a recent turn of events at the Bundy Ranch may be a game changer for the family.  There are reports that citizens from across the country are mustering at the ranch.  These aren’t just ordinary folks hanging out or holding signs, either.  These are America’s unsung heroes.  These are militia members and like-minded people, armed and ready to fight.

This went from a bunch of armed agents against a family to a bunch of agents against a family and a bunch of men and women ready to fight.  So, what does this mean for the rest of the country?

Well, it can mean a couple of things.  First, it means that Americans are done with the federal government’s bullying and corruption.  It means that we, as Americans, are sick and tired of the US government imposing their will on us at their whim and we’re ready to fight back.  This will not stay in Nevada, you mark my words.  This has the potential to spread across the nation like a prairie fire, resulting in widespread rebellion.

This case will set a precedent, regardless of how it ends.  If the feds decide to back down, we’ll see the people are more powerful than most think and we’ll be emboldened.  That means we’ll begin taking back more and more of our rights and liberties.

If the feds do not back down and it the militia does nothing, we will inevitably lose more rights.  The feds will see we have no backbone and will simply take over.

If there are shots fired, win or lose, the people will see the courage and resolve of both sides and it may result in more fighting across the nation.

Now, my point here is to inform, not incite.  I would, however, not blame any citizen of the US for going to the aid of the Bundy family, armed or not.

I believe that the federal government, in this case, is out of line and out of control.  Something needs to happen to stop them.  I would prefer it happen in a non-violent manner, but it looks like the feds, especially the BLM in this case, has a different idea.

I will keep watching the situation as it unfolds and will keep reporting and giving my two cents on the whole thing.

If you are in Nevada or know someone who is, have them contact me.  I’d love to get local perspective.  I’ve got a bit already on it and so far the consensus is that the BLM needs to go home and get out of Nevada.

On a side note—- there has been a call out by various patriot groups to muster at the ranch.  If you are a member of any and can go, I bet the family and community would appreciate you.

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