Look at me now, baby!

Look at me now, baby!  That’s usually a phrase someone would say when they’ve achieved something that no one thought could be done or was, at least, unlikely.  For example, I got my master’s degree.  I, for one, never thought it would happen, but it did.  I know several people who figured I’d drop out of college before getting my bachelor’s, let alone my MBA.  So, that’s where I would say “look at me now!”  However, this is a different story attached to the phrase.

Over the years, presidents and their administrations have tried to mold the United States into a more perfect union — as they see it.  Reagan wanted to cut the size of government and increase defense while securing individual liberties.  Bush Sr gave us new taxes… after he said the infamous Read My Lips speech. Clinton expanded the government and added more gun control. Bush Jr gave us the Patriot Act.  Then there’s Obama.  He gave us more NSA spying on American citizens, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, and a bunch of other shenanigans.  How we have the BLM in Nevada and, possibly, Texas screwing with ranchers and the Forestry service harassing a rancher in New Mexico.

So, the “Look at me now” statement is not a good thing to have to say.  Look where we are as a country, folks!  Since shortly after the founding of our nation, we’ve had people in power, not just presidents, who have tried their damndest to line their own pockets off the hard work and sweat and tears and blood of others.  This trend continues today and the people of the United States are tired of it.  Simply tired.

I thought the Patriot Act was bad, still do.  However, what has transpired in the last few years under Obama’s watchful eye has taken us to a country that is no longer the free beacon of hope that it once was.

Do you realize that if this stuff continues, someone will get shot.  It’s only a matter of time.  Either an agent will shoot a protester or a rancher or protester will shoot an agent.  Heck, a family and their supporters may get massacred by overzealous agents.  Waco ring any bells?  What about Ruby Ridge?

I firmly believe that we are at a tipping point in our country that it will only take one violent incident to put us into a civil war or another revolution.  I, also, firmly believe that when that happens you will see wide-spread bloodshed.  It won’t be just the federal government against the citizens; there will be citizen fighting for the government, too.  Those are people who have pledged their allegiance to the president or to their own interests rather than to the ideals of the United States and her Constitution.

Liberal or conservative or somewhere in the middle, what’s going on now will have an effect on you and your rights.  For example, the Occupy people.  I really did not like them.  I didn’t like what they stood for, how they protested, or how they acted.  However, I support their right to protest.  When you see law enforcement crushing an Occupy protest, you may cheer and think to yourself that the Occupiers were nothing but sleazy lazy scum.  However, do you really believe that if the Tea Party were to protest somewhere that the same officers wouldn’t do the same to them?  Given a reason, I bet they would.

What does all this say about our state as a nation?  We have become more divided as a country.  We are more divided politically, racially, and economically than just about ever before.  That’s one accomplishment Obama promised the people and kept.  He has fundamentally transformed the country.  However, those of you who say that wasn’t his promise, think of this.  I don’t think he ever told us HOW he was planning to transform the country.

So, as a nation we have lost so many of our liberties under the guise of security, fairness, and environmental initiatives.  They try to do away with our rights saying its for the safety of the community.  Then they make those who work tirelessly to protect the Constitution into the bad guys.  They act like those who stand for the Constitution and equal rights across the board are evil, racist, and anarchists.  They try everything they can to make us the enemy.

The sad part is, people, sheeple, fall for it.  They believe the main stream media.  It’s all just a bunch of propaganda churned out by the administration to get what they want.  Add to that, as long as we’re divided as much as we are now, they will win this war.

Make no mistake about it; we are at war with the ideals of a socialist progressive that wants nothing more than to take our rights from us.  The only thing missing so far are bullets flying, but that’s just a matter of time, people, just a matter of time; you watch.

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