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28 May, 2014

Let’s raise awareness of Lupus and fight together.

This is an email my son sent me.  If you can, please donate to his Lupus page and feel free to repost this and spread it around Facebook.

I am raising funds for the Lupus Foundation of Oklahoma, which is a health organization that is dedicated to finding the cause and a cure for Lupus. Lupus is an unpredictable and misunderstood disease in which the immune system goes out of balance and causes damage to organs in the body. While Lupus can strike anyone at any time, 90 percent of the people that are currently living with this disease are women.

Please support me in my efforts, as I participate in the War on Lupus Walk, by making a donation on my website. Let’s raise awareness of Lupus and fight together.

Thank you,


Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Lupus Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc.

7 April, 2014

Okies take no lip!

Want to see the strength of Oklahomans?  Check out this story on  This is awesome.  Look up the videos on Youtube and Facebook, too.

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13 March, 2014

Are you safe?

Safety and security, for the most part, is just an illusion.  You lock your door and set your alarm and go to bed at night.  What if someone really wants to harm you or take your stuff?  I hate to tell you, but they’re going to get it if it isn’t secured properly and if you don’t have redundancy in your security plan.  

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19 February, 2014

Update for Justina

This story gets more maddening by the day, if not by the hour.  How can a court, or any other agency, prosecute a father for trying to help his daughter?  You see with a gag order in place, he cannot technically talk about the case, however, what is he to do when the very agencies that are supposedto help him are working against him?  Read the story below from The Blaze. Please spread this story and let’s make it go viral!  Retweet the story, go donate, spread the news!

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18 February, 2014

Save Justina from Bostonian Madmen!

The following story is listed on The Blaze.  This is a copy and paste job in which Glenn Beck asked that we, as bloggers, repost.  This is not a political story; this is not a conspiracy theory; this is a human rights story.  Read the story, forward this post, and go to and donate.  This poor family is now broke from fighting for their teenage daughter.

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12 November, 2013

To my dear sweet Kasha

Kasha CrossI received a few emails asking why I didn’t write about Veteran’s Day, as I tend to write something about each patriotic and Christian holiday.  Well, the reason is simple.  I didn’t feel like it.  I had a loss in my family over the weekend and it cut pretty deep.

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19 September, 2013

Remember Generation X?

Do you remember the Generation X?  Remember how the older generations acted like the kids who were nothing but trouble?  I do.  I’m from Generation X.  So are many others in important positions. 

I also remember there were many that said Generation X would change the world.  I remember MTV used to celebrate the GenX-ers.  Albeit, I assume it was for marketshare as they dumped Gen X for Gen Y eventually.

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22 August, 2013

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media coverage?

Had that Australian college student in Duncan, Oklahoma been black and the shooters been white I guarantee you would’ve seen non-stop media coverage, the president would’ve made some retarded statement about the victim being like a son, and the NAACP and their race-baiters would be on the ground making speeches.  Chris Lane isn’t the only white person killed because of his race recently, either.

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21 August, 2013

When your hometown goes wrong

I grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma called Duncan.  You may have seen the news recently about a murder there.  Australian exchange student Chris Lane was jogging Friday and was gunned down by 3 punk kids.  The suspects later confessed to the killing and claimed they wanted to know how it felt and that they were bored.  It is also reported that they admitted they were on the way to kill another teen.  Kudos to the Duncan Police Department for stopping them before anyone else got killed.  However, there’s still something troubling me about this story.  No conspiracy, no cloak and dagger, just troubling.

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14 August, 2013

What happens when political correctness goes too far

We’ve all heard all the political correctness crap out there.  You can say this, you can’t do that because someone will be offended.  Political correctness has changed so much in this country that you almost never know what to say without risking too much.  It’s sad.  It’s sad that a liberal agenda has pushed society in a direction that limits your speech and actions out of fear that you may offend someone. 

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6 August, 2013

Logan Stevenson: Held by angels

Every so often you see or hear a story that just tears you to pieces.  It could be that of a child, a hero, or any number of things that really just pull at your heartstrings.  Many news stories, whether personal in nature or not, tend to just be footnotes in our busy lives.  However, being a father, this one caught my attention and I felt emotionally attached to this family.

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7 July, 2013

Molon Labe- An Independence Day Weekend Message

Molon LabeIf you don’t know what this means, Google it. It’s pronounced and spelled Molon Labe in our letters.

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25 June, 2013

Goodbye to a great friend and part of my family

Today started out just like any other Tuesday.  I got up, got dressed for work, fed the dogs, and off I go with my 3 year old son.  After work, I got home and was about to go fishing.  I love fishing.  I went outside to feed my 2 Great Pyrenees dogs.  As usual, they were lying in the garage floor.  I called out to my male, Polaris, and as usual he didn’t respond.  A gentle kick in the butt usually gets his attention, but not this time.

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