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27 March, 2014

Finally! A federal agency in this administration that has some real sense!

The Blaze, today, put out a story I want you to see.  It’s about some common sense progress made under this administration.  The the article below.

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12 September, 2012

Obama’s goons threaten pollsters? Looks that way.

I remember a day when the truth meant something.  I remember a day when our politicians were seen as moral and as men of integrity.  This days are long gone.  Most politicians are now scandalous SOBs doing what they can to stay in office. 

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26 June, 2012

Has the federal government turned its back on our security?

Has the US federal government turned its back on out security in the name of political correctness?  Or maybe in the name of more votes?  When you look at our borders, both northern and southern, what do you see?  You see a porous line across the country that allows people to filter in and out almost without any challenge from legal authorities.

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20 June, 2012

Whiney Dems want to out GOP donors

As it is with pretty much everything Obama complains about, he has an obvious double standard.  Ol’ Barry wants the well-funded GOP PAC Crossroads to tell who their donors are.  He wants to know what people and what corporations are giving the most money to this political action committee.

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15 June, 2012

More Pandering to the Voter Base by King Obama

This time, he’s pandering to the Hispanic vote. In today’s announcement, President Obama will say that he is bypassing Congress and is working to stop young illegals from being deported if they’ve led mostly law-abiding lives since coming to the US.  While I agree that these illegals that came over as children and had no choice shouldn’t be punished, I don’t agree with the president for just going around Congress to get what he wants.

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