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26 July, 2012

Obama pledges to reduce gun violence

Obama went to Colorado in the wake of the theater massacre and promised an audience of mostly black Americans that similar tragedies, but on a smaller scale, happen every day.  He, then, went on to pledge to reduce gun violence in the US.  Good! 

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25 July, 2012

Big surprise: Media blames conservatives for all that is evil

Even the NY Post notes the media likes to blame conservatives for all that is evil.  See the article below by Gabriel Malor.

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20 July, 2012

Colorado’s newest tragedy

Colorado is on the news tonight for another mass shooting.  This time it was in a theater.  You’ve heard the story.  This psychopath walks into the theater and begins shooting and killing innocent people.  I’m not going to try to figure out why he decided to kill or what made him snap.  I really don’t care.  What I do care about are the people hurt by this POS.  I also care about how James Holmes’ family is handling this.  You know this can’t be easy on them either.

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