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21 September, 2012

What happens if current events take the wrong path?

I’m sure you remember those books that gave you a choice to make and that dictated where the story went.  It would say something like “if you chose ‘a’ turn to page 23, if you chose ‘b’ turn to page 30.”  You had influence on how the story turned out.  Well, right now, most of us have no real role in how the events play out on the world stage; the Middle East on fire, China making threats of war to Japan, Europe’s economy on the verge of a huge recession, etc.

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6 July, 2012

Greece in trouble again!

Greece agreed to austerity measures to stay in the Eurozone, but now it looks as if they’re going back on their word.  What are the implementations of this?  What happens now?  This kind of news can mean huge problems for the global markets.  Depending on how the markets take the news, this could cause a huge sell-off.  That would not be good, at all.

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17 June, 2012

Greece: What does their election mean for the rest of us?

From Huffington Post

Greeks were going to the polls Sunday for the second time in six weeks in what was arguably their country’s most critical vote in 40 years, with Greece’s treasured place within the European Union’s joint currency in the balance.

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