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6 August, 2012

The public is not welcome on the public beaches!

In Conneticut, the governor has shut down public beaches so that President Obama can hold fund raisers on them.  Seriously, this is no joke.  The president has asked that public beaches be closed so he can hold a fundraiser at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s mansion.

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6 June, 2012

D-Day: 68 Years Later

The following story is composed of articles from Fox News, I found very little on CNN and MSNBC..  I copied them straight from the source so that I don’t take anything away from the story itself.  As you read these stories, remember the brave souls who fought in the Normandy invasion so many years ago.  Few are still living.  If you know a D-Day soldier or Marine, thank them.  They did a whole heck of a lot for us.  They went through Hell for us and the oppressed people in Europe.

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