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22 May, 2013

What an awesome mom!

I love to see stories that involve a parent not being a politically correct wimp, or one of those “my child would never do that” mentalities.  I’m happy to see that the school didn’t try to stop the mother from the punishment.  The mother understood that her daughter was no angel and took action.  I applaud this mother.

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13 May, 2013

No one expects the… IRS Inquisition!

A lot of people think that there are way too many checks and balances in place and too many decent people within government for some sort of conspiracy to actually take place.  Well, that’s obviously not true.

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10 August, 2012

The Obama Administration is a bunch of lying scum!

How many times must we put up with the lies and deceit that comes from the current administration?  You can keep your doctor with ObamaCare. Lie. You can keep your current insurance. Lie.  The current administration is not in cahoots with the Muslim brotherhood.  Lie.  The administration doesn’t know Joe Soptic, the man who blames Romney for his wife’s cancer death 7 years after he left Bain Capital.  Yet another blatant lie.

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7 June, 2012

Homeland Security Raids Local T-Shirt Seller

Ok, so there’s this business in Oklahoma City.  They’ve been around for quite some time and Homeland Security raids them for counterfeit shirts?  Worse, there are NBA officials going on the raid with them?  This stinks to high heaven.  Something isn’t right here.  Since when do corporate officials get to participate in law enforcement?  And since when is Homeland Security an agency that handles this sort of thing?  Did they think the business owner is a terrorist?  Maybe the Agent and the NBA officials were Spurs fans.  Whatever the case is, this is stupid and it’s just another case of federal agents overstepping their authority and acting like bullies.

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