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20 July, 2012

And the left wonders why we don’t want Illegals here

The left always goes on talking about how the right is racists for not wanting illegals in the country.  These bleeding heart liberals just want to let everyone in and give them everything.  It’s insane. 
Well, there are a whole lot of us on the right who do not want the illegals here and we cite various crime statistics to prove our case.  Well check out this story from the Washington Times.

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22 May, 2012

Should We Legalize Drugs in the US?

The title of this article sums it up pretty well.  Should we legalize drugs in the US?  Pretty simple question on the front end, but then when we look into the subject a little more, it becomes more complex.  Questions like why, at what age, what restrictions, and so on and so forth come into the field.

The Gateway Drug

Marijuana has long been called a gateway drug and has been demonized as such for decades, but is it really as bad as they say it is?  If you believe the government, Marijuana is a gateway drug that leads you down a road to heavy narcotics like heroin and cocaine.  If you believe most users, it’s just the opposite.  However, if you subscribe the science side of the debate, then the answer can go either way.  Who should you believe?  Why should you believe them?  How do you know what to believe?

Those are hard questions to answer.  I don’t have the exact answer either, but I have my theory that says it really doesn’t matter either way.  Whoa, hold up!  Yes, I said it doesn’t matter.  It’s your body.  Would you allow a law to pass that says you can’t eat certain foods?  What about wear certain clothes?  What makes it alright for the government to tell us how to treat our own bodies?  Some say it keeps drug related crime down by making it illegal, but does it really?

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