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14 March, 2014

Know your surroundings

In today’s world, it’s important to know what’s going on around you.  It could save your life.  There is a concept taught in the military and on police forces called situational awareness.  It simple means to know what’s going on around you.  There are a few things you need to know to be proficient in the concept.

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13 March, 2014

Are you safe?

Safety and security, for the most part, is just an illusion.  You lock your door and set your alarm and go to bed at night.  What if someone really wants to harm you or take your stuff?  I hate to tell you, but they’re going to get it if it isn’t secured properly and if you don’t have redundancy in your security plan.  

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16 December, 2013


So, I assume you’ve heard about that 16 year old rich kid who got all kinds of screwed up and drove hitting and killing 4 people.  His punishment?  10 years probation.  Yeah, I’m serious.  All because the judge agreed that the kid’s parents never taught him right from wrong.

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22 August, 2013

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media coverage?

Had that Australian college student in Duncan, Oklahoma been black and the shooters been white I guarantee you would’ve seen non-stop media coverage, the president would’ve made some retarded statement about the victim being like a son, and the NAACP and their race-baiters would be on the ground making speeches.  Chris Lane isn’t the only white person killed because of his race recently, either.

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5 August, 2013

Where are our rights?

You saw George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder in Florida.  In the process you saw the federal government come out and say they were going to investigate him, although found not guilty, of a hate crime.  You see the race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al “not so” Sharpton teaming up of Trayvon Martin’s parents in rallies crying oh poor poor me, calling everyone racists left and right.  Then you see blacks attacking white, while making little or no news, simply because they’re white.

The race card is played whenever those at the top of the proverbial racial food chain decide it’s in their best financial interest.  Let me ask you this, my black friends, do you really think Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson really give a crap about you?  Hell no, they care more about lining their pockets than anything else and you fall for their BS every time.

So, my question is, where are our rights?  If you’re conservative, straight, and Christian you’ve become the new enemy of all that’s good in the world. You’re a bigot for getting married and having children AND being proud of it.

We used to be a country that stamped out evil, no matter where it came from, but now we tolerate it in the name of political correctness.  Look, Chicago has seen a lot of black-on-black murders in the last month.  It’s tragic.  So many lives snuffed out without so much of a second thought.  Why is that not covering headlines?  Look at Detroit; it’s even worse.  The media largely ignores it.  Why?  It’s not politically correct and it doesn’t drive ratings.

So, again, where are our rights as American citizens to defend ourselves without being called racists or bigots?  Why must we we cower to a biased media too busy kissing the White House’s ass to report the truth?  Why do they create such an environment that makes whites fear the black guy walking toward them is going to commit a revenge killing and, at the same time, make the black guy fear that the white fella is waiting for the opportunity to kill a black man and scream self-defense?  The worse part of it is, we all fall for their pitiful little scheme.

The media should be ashamed of itself.  They’re more interested in ratings than the truth.  In an attempt to simply make more money, keep stockholders happy, and keep people watching, mass media has gone the way of the Soviet propagandist and began printing what they feel pushes their progressive cause.  Nothing new, it’s just reaching new heights.

What do you think the likes of the New York Times, NBC, and Rolling Stone would think if the people they’re trying to appease suddenly turned on them?  It’s happening.  Watch what happens when one of the liberal media outlets subjects the Obama Administration to scrutiny.  It happened a while back.  The New York Times was critical of the Administration and the White House responded in an unkindly manner.  Not saying they “punished” the Times, but they did comment on the story and basically call them out publicly. 

Now, the media, the mass media, the main (lame) stream media, major media, whatever you call them, are working against the general public’s wishes by promoting and pushing and outright twisting stories to draw you in.  They don’t care about the consequenses of their actions.  They don’t care one way or the other.  In fact, it is my opinion that the more chaos they cause the more they enjoy it.  Why?  Because that means you’ll watch to see what’s going on.  More viewers, more money.

The only rights that the majority of major media outlets care about is theirs.  For example, George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder.  He was set free.  The federal government now wants to come after him for civil rights violations and the media is fueling the fire with their retarded so-called experts.

The way it should go?  Drop the case against Zimmerman and open hate crime cases against those blacks who targeted whites in revenge.  They target whites because of their race.  What does the media say about it? Not a damn thing.  Equal rights?  Not at all.  Political correctness took those away long ago.

8 February, 2013

WTF is going on in our country?

I don’t know if you follow the news, but I do.  Everyday lately, I’ve seen or heard some story that just floors me.  Everything from people abusing their children to criminals having more rights than their victims; and there’s more!

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14 January, 2013

The Journal News contributes to crime.

You have the Journal News to thank for this.  These idiots decided to liken gun owners to child molesters and other sex offenders.  Because of this, criminals are taking the opportunity  to make themselves the new owners of firearms and whatever else they take a liking to.

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13 August, 2012

Illegal criminal aliens get released to US cities and towns

So, an illegal alien comes into your home and assaults and robs you.  Worse, they rape and murder your family.  Good thing is they get caught and go to jail, right?  Even better, they get deported back to their original county.  Not so fast.

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25 July, 2012

Liberal rhetoric in the office

I’m sitting here minding my own business and I hear a couple of liberals talking about the Colorado theater shooting.  They were saying the government should put more regulations on firearms.  I’m listening to them and I’m getting irritated as I’m a firm supporter of our Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

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19 June, 2012

Great idea for us here in the US

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to face down someone who has taken hostages, say, in a bank robbery or a disgruntled worker?  Think about this, you and your family are enjoying a nice dinner out when some moron decides he wants to rob the store across the street.  The police are on their way, but you can see the robber is erratic and seems to be extremely volatile.  You can respond and help, but what if something goes wrong?  What if you handle the situation incorrectly and get yourself or someone else killed?  If there were a class that taught you how to handle such a situation would you take it?  Read on to see what the Israelis are doing.  This is great!

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7 June, 2012

Homeland Security Raids Local T-Shirt Seller

Ok, so there’s this business in Oklahoma City.  They’ve been around for quite some time and Homeland Security raids them for counterfeit shirts?  Worse, there are NBA officials going on the raid with them?  This stinks to high heaven.  Something isn’t right here.  Since when do corporate officials get to participate in law enforcement?  And since when is Homeland Security an agency that handles this sort of thing?  Did they think the business owner is a terrorist?  Maybe the Agent and the NBA officials were Spurs fans.  Whatever the case is, this is stupid and it’s just another case of federal agents overstepping their authority and acting like bullies.

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22 May, 2012

Should We Legalize Drugs in the US?

The title of this article sums it up pretty well.  Should we legalize drugs in the US?  Pretty simple question on the front end, but then when we look into the subject a little more, it becomes more complex.  Questions like why, at what age, what restrictions, and so on and so forth come into the field.

The Gateway Drug

Marijuana has long been called a gateway drug and has been demonized as such for decades, but is it really as bad as they say it is?  If you believe the government, Marijuana is a gateway drug that leads you down a road to heavy narcotics like heroin and cocaine.  If you believe most users, it’s just the opposite.  However, if you subscribe the science side of the debate, then the answer can go either way.  Who should you believe?  Why should you believe them?  How do you know what to believe?

Those are hard questions to answer.  I don’t have the exact answer either, but I have my theory that says it really doesn’t matter either way.  Whoa, hold up!  Yes, I said it doesn’t matter.  It’s your body.  Would you allow a law to pass that says you can’t eat certain foods?  What about wear certain clothes?  What makes it alright for the government to tell us how to treat our own bodies?  Some say it keeps drug related crime down by making it illegal, but does it really?

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