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9 September, 2013

Obama: The Great Unifier?

Seriously.  I’m going to attempt to lay out the case that President Obama is a great unifier.  You think I’m kidding?  I also contend the current president has been good for business… some business.

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11 June, 2012

Lets all pull together as Americans this November

There are less than 7 months until  election day when the people will decide who will be the next President  of the United States . The person elected will be the president of all  Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans. It is a time that we  all need to come together, Democrats and Republicans alike. In a bipartisan  effort for
America :

If you will support Mitt Romney, please drive with your headlights ON during the day.

If you support Barack Obama, please drive with your headlights  OFF at night.

Together, we can make it  happen. Thank you!




Thanks Dr. B, for the joke.  Glad to see we can keep a sense of humor.

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