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26 November, 2013

Turning a new leaf

I have decided to become a progressive liberal.  I have also decided to support, blindly mind you, anything Obama and his liberal friends say.  I will support all UN missions inside the US and abroad.  I will work hard to make the world a better place as I am now a global citizen and a huge fan of the EPA, ATF, IRS, NSA, and DOJ.

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4 June, 2013

EPA attempt to ban ammunition… again

The following article is from Jim Kouri at  Makes me think a couple of things.  First, the EPA has shown itself to be corrupt as the IRS and DOJ so it’s no surprise.  Second, these people are freakin’ idiots.

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24 July, 2012

Criminals investigating crime?

The Department of Justice is at it again.  They’re investigating Pennsylvania for voter ID laws.  This is the department that got countless number of people killed in Fast & Furious.  This is the department that said, in 2009, they would not be prosecuting black Americans as much as they did in the past.  This is the department that injects race and politics into their work.

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29 June, 2012

Hold won’t be prosecuted

The DOJ says it won’t prosecute their boss.  They don’t care that the AG has been charged by the House with criminal contempt, nor do they care that he’s been withholding evidence in a criminal investigation.  Is this partisan politics at its best?  Sure looks that way.

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15 June, 2012

CAIR asks DOJ to Investigate Rejection of Mosque Location

So the Muslim first ask the government for special protection as a minority, then they sue over a mosque in Alabama, now they want to get the DOJ to investigate the rejection of a proposed mosque over zoning restrictions.  These people, while I’m sure they are all fine people, need to understand that the law applies to them just as it does anyone else.  If a community doesn’t want you there, have some sensitivity and put your building elsewhere.  The town didn’t saw no mosque at all.  They said not at that location.  It’s a pretty simple deal, but you want to push and push.  Then, you wonder why people are hesitant to work with you.

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12 June, 2012

Eric Holder Caving In?

It appears that Mr. Holder is caving to GOP requests for more information on the Fast & Furious debacle and the intelligence leak that appears to be coming from the Administration itself.  So what’s going on in D.C.?  Read below for more on this important story.

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24 May, 2012

More on the Drone Issue… I Even Agree with the ACLU Here!

People, this is scary to me.  I understand the use of drones in the military against enemy personnel.  I understand the point of using them to spy on other countries and their people; especially their people with any kind of real power.  I can even understand the mindset that makes law enforcement think it’s ok to use drones domestically.  I don’t agree with them, but I understand their reasoning.  I believe using drones, whether armed or unarmed, is a violation of the 4th Amendment.  The objection to the use of drones domestically is even shared by ACLU!  There are actually several cases the ACLU is looking at that I agree with them on, but not too many.

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11 May, 2012

As if Obama needed to become more radical and unethical

We all hear the stories of how our “wonderful” president BHO likes to set rules and then bend them for his own gain, right?  I want you to pay attention to this article people.  It is important to see what our president does and what he thinks he can get away with.  This article will discuss the immorality and unethical behavior or the liberals’ messiah and I plan to cross the whole spectrum of his misteps in the US Presidency.

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