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3 July, 2013

Europe Spied On

13 April, 2013

The USA: How Government Confiscates Private Property

The following was written by Ted Abram and can be found here.

People seeking freedom throughout the world are horrified by the government of Cyprus stealing money from personal bank accounts.  [Read:  Cyprus! Government Spending, Debt and Government Confiscation of Private Property]

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21 September, 2012

What happens if current events take the wrong path?

I’m sure you remember those books that gave you a choice to make and that dictated where the story went.  It would say something like “if you chose ‘a’ turn to page 23, if you chose ‘b’ turn to page 30.”  You had influence on how the story turned out.  Well, right now, most of us have no real role in how the events play out on the world stage; the Middle East on fire, China making threats of war to Japan, Europe’s economy on the verge of a huge recession, etc.

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19 June, 2012

The Russians are Our Friends?

You think the Russians are our friends?  Think again.  They arm our enemies, do business with rogue nations, condemn our allies for protecting their land.  All this and Obama still says that he’s going to “work” with Putin after he’s re-elected.

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