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15 July, 2013

Let the games begin!

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard that George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin.  I’m also sure that you’ve heard about the riots that started in Oakland, California.  There were more peaceful protests in other major cities of the US, as well.  Well, here’s the thing, and I’m likely to piss a few of you off, but look at it this way. 

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8 August, 2012

Psychos, nutjobs and maniacs! Oh, my!

Violence has its place in the world.  Violence is necessary, at times, to make certain things happen politically.  It’s called war.  However, violence has no place in our movie theaters, our houses of worship, or shopping malls, or anywhere else that people go and should feel safe.  That’s where the problem is these days; Colorado had their shooting, followed by a Sikh temple massacre, attempted shootings at a theater in Ohio and another in Connecticut.

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5 July, 2012

Zombies make it to China

The rash of cannibal attacks is spreading to China. A drunken bus driver in the southeast part of the country became berserk and attacked a woman in her car.  He chewed on her face before police were able to pull him off.  This follows similar incidents in Florida, Maryland and Canada.

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12 April, 2012

What was Behind the Murder Charge Against George Zimmerman?

What is the real reason George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder?  You’re going to notice that the main stream media will use this to show the man’s guilt before he even gets to trial, but lets look at the situation as a whole to see whether he should have been charged or if this is all political.

So as the story goes, from what I’ve heard, goes a couple of ways.  the first story I heard was that George Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin and asked why he was in the neighborhood; since this was a young black kid, he didn’t belong there and was subsequently shot and killed.  The other story starts out much the same way, but takes a turn when Martin attacks Zimmerman, beating his head on the concrete.  The result was Zimmerman shooting in self defense.

What story do you believe?  I don’t personally know anyone involved in the altercation.  I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who was involved. Therefore, your guess is as good as mine.  However, when you start to look at the story with a critical mind from both sides, you can come to some conclusions. 

911 Call

While it is becoming more common for murderers to call 911 and make the attack look like self defense, the majority of them do not call in.  They run away.  George Zimmerman called in and gave all the information needed so the police would know he was the shooter and why.

Race Baiting

Soooooo……  NBC plays the 911 tape and you hear Zimmerman say “Fking coon,” or at least that’s what they wanted you to think.  They also altered the call audio to make it sound as if Zimmerman were a racist.  Well, the “coon” statement was debunked as him saying its “fking cold” as it was an unusually chilly night and when you listen to the entire 911 audio, you’ll notice the racsim isn’t there.

Why did NBC do this?  Was it a leftist agenda? An attempt to drive ratings and sensationalize the story?  Notice how they gave free publicity to the New Black Panthers bounty on Zimmerman, but they failed to talk about the crime they had committed in this ordeal… offering the bounty was a crime.

Police video

The fuzzy video from the police department that showed Zimmerman uninjured was later enhanced for a clearer picture.  What happens next?  The video clearly shows Zimmerman with injuries to his face and head.

Checkered Past

Zimmerman is no angel, he has been noted to have an attitude problem at times and was asked to leave school for it, while, to my knowledge, Martin has never been in any trouble.

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey

Who is Angela Corey?  Is she some over-zealous attorney looking to make a name for herself?  Is she looking to get a TV show?  Hardly, on both questions.

She is known as a no-nonsense career prosecutor. 

She spent 25 years as an assistant state attorney before being named State Attorney of the Fourth Judicial Circuit in Northeast Florida in 2008.

She has prosecuted 65 homicide cases and enjoys a reputation as a tough conservative in and out of the courtroom. She’s also someone used to public pressure, prosecuting people when she feels charges are warranted and not just based on if she can win the case.  So political pressure is not likely to be much of an influence on her decision to prosecute Zimmerman.

A graduate of the University of Florida Law school, Corey was born and raised in Jacksonville. Active in Republican Party politics she was the ideal choice for Gov. Rick Scott to take over the case.

Raicial Tensions and Constituional Violations

The New Black  Panthers Party is out there running around offering a bounty of George Zimmerman’s head.  They’re out there calling for bloodshed and violence.

Then you have the Neo-Nazi movement there in Florida basically countering the NBP.  They’re talking about arming up and patroling the streets.

The only thing I have to say is this is the last thing we need.  We already have enough problems with race being an issue anytime a minority is victimized by a white person.  We don’t need racist groups such as the New Black Panthers or the Neo-Nazis out there causing more problems. 

Federal Involvment?

Now that the charges have been filed against George Zimmerman, AG Eric Holder has decided to look into whether the federal government should file federal charges based on hate crimes.  Well, let me tell you, if the roles were reversed, you would probably have never heard of this story and the AG would have no interest in being involved.

There should be not federal involvement here at all.  I knew this was going to happen when Obama said “he could be my son.” Not that Obama was claiming to be the father so don’t take it out of context.  Nevertheless, we saw this one coming.

Land of Laws

This is a land of laws, not a land of special priviledges for a select few.  Why is it the New Black Panthers can offer up a bounty, Spike Lee can give out what he thought was Zimmerman’s address, but anyone else is a criminal for such actions?  Race and politics.  If these people were non-black, and especially if they were conservatives, they would be in jail already.

People, our country is in trouble and all you have to do is what this case from multiple angles to see it.  The Obama Administration has become involved and is working to divide us more.  They did the same thing with that professor and police officer. 

Tell the feds to stay out, as this is not their deal and they are in violation of the 10th Amendment unless the states GIVE this right to them.

Note: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

I don’t think cases such as this were delegated to the US by the staes.  It appears they are just trying to put their boney fingers where they’re not wanted.

While I’m not defending Martin, I’m also not defending Zimmerman.  We’ll have to wait to see all the facts and make a judgement.  Hopefully, you’ll make a judgement, as I hope the jury will, based on the facts and not the color of someone’s skin or political pressure brought on by racist groups. 

Did I clear anything up for you or are the waters as muddy as ever?


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