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11 July, 2013

Not sure of the existence of God?

Doubt the existence of God?  Read this story posted on Fox News.  There is no way this could be a coincidence.  For you stats folks out there, the chances of this happening are less likely than hitting the Powerball… multiple times.

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8 April, 2013

Parents! You are Awsome!

I was sitting in church Sunday morning and the pastor had a great message.  I felt that in this day and age, with all the shenanigans going on socially and politically, a message like this would be helpful.  No, I’m not going to preach to you, but God is included in this article.

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3 April, 2013

More, more, more!

Have you ever noticed that people today just want more of everything?  They want bigger houses, new cars, the latest gadget, etc.  It seems people today are never satisfied and always want more and more.

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11 March, 2013

Dig That Ditch!

Have I got a story for you.  Now, it’s a bible story, but it relates to our everyday lives and to society as a whole. This is basically in my own words… mostly because I don’t want to merely cut and paste the verse.

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6 March, 2013

Family and Faith: Important Components to Successful Prepping

There are several components to successful prepping, but there are none more important, in my view, as family and faith.  Without those two critical parts, survival will be just that; survival.  In a prepping or survival, merely surviving isn’t good, you want to be able to survive well or thrive, if possible.

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8 September, 2012

I’d say this about sums it up.

I’d say this about sums it up.

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