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15 April, 2014

Nevada: The first stand

As many of you know, Nevada may mark the first stand against the federal government that may spark the initial volley into a new revolution or civil war.  As militiamen and women converged on the Bundy’s ranch and surrounding area in Clark County, Nevada, we saw something that hasn’t happened in this country since the mid 1800s.  We saw armed Americans show up in force against an abusive federal government.

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16 July, 2012

Dems: Give us what we want or we’ll screw everyone!

Playing politics, rather than just doing the right thing of being flexible enough to come to a compromise, irritates me to no end.  Rather than making an argument for why she believes what she does, she resorts to bullying.  When it comes to libs, that’s seems to be an often-used tactic.  Again, the “party of tolerance” is intolerant of anyone who doesn’t think the way they do.

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