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27 August, 2013

More economic problems ahead?

Peter Schiff, you know who he is?  He’s an economist, and a damned good one, at that.  He’s featured in many articles and does a lot of interviews on various news shows.  When it comes to economics, he’s a straight shooter and doesn’t care who it offends.

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17 June, 2012

Greece: What does their election mean for the rest of us?

From Huffington Post

Greeks were going to the polls Sunday for the second time in six weeks in what was arguably their country’s most critical vote in 40 years, with Greece’s treasured place within the European Union’s joint currency in the balance.

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4 June, 2012

China Going for Global Dominance

China has long tried to take global dominance from the US.  It’s understandable.  Any nation would want to be the most powerful in the world.  However, we are in a time when it is of the utmost importance to keep our standing in the global economy.  If we sink, we all sink.  If China keeps on, they’ll devalue our eceonomy to the point that nations will call in our debts, essentially bankrupting us.  It’s going to hurt, folks. 
I believe that we are in a big car driving toward a financial cliff.  The only thing we can do now is decide on which angle we hit that cliff at.  Either way, we’re still likely to go over the edge.
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