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29 August, 2013

POSUS going after your guns again

No, that is not a misspelling.  I meant it as POS of the US.  While the world is watching the US screw with the Syrian civial war and Congress is caught up in their own circus, President Obama announced his new Executive Order banning military surplus weapons.

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4 June, 2013

EPA attempt to ban ammunition… again

The following article is from Jim Kouri at  Makes me think a couple of things.  First, the EPA has shown itself to be corrupt as the IRS and DOJ so it’s no surprise.  Second, these people are freakin’ idiots.

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26 April, 2013

Is the split getting bigger?

Have you noticed that politics are becoming more and more divided?  Even though President Obama was touted about as a uniter, as someone who would be fair to everyone regardless of political party, race, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc.  Has that happened?

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23 April, 2013

Want to see an awesome kid?



I’m sure you’ve seen this story, but I wanted to share it anyway, just in case.  All-too-often, we see kids acting like fools.  Why not, they’re kids.  Kids do foolish things, it’s a part of growing up.  However, this kid, Jared Marcum, has his head on straight.  He’s standing up for his beliefs and Constitutional rights.  If you haven’t heard or read his story, do so below.  It’ll give you more faith in his generation.

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10 April, 2013

The NRA is outdated and needs to go the way of the dinosaur

The NRA is outdated and needs to go the way of the dinosaur.  Did I get your attention?  Well, that’s whats going to happen in the progressives have their way.  I, for one, love the NRA and have been a member for years.

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23 January, 2013

Here’s a screwed up deal… again

Hey, y’all!  Remember that whole UN Small Arms Treaty we were all nervous about?  Well, look here at what our dear leader is up to now.  This is from Fox News.

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16 January, 2013

More Gun Control!!! Noooooo!!!!!!!

In my not-so-humble opinion gun control is a steady hand and common sense.  No amount of legislation or executive orders can deter the intentions and actions of criminals.  It amounts to disarming the law-abiding public and giving a tactical advantage to the SOBs that want to harm you and your family.

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9 July, 2012

More erosion of your freedoms

It seems that just about every day we hear about another way Obama has taken more liberties from us.  It is sickening to me that most of America is willing to stand by and LET this guy and his administration overtly destroy our nation.  Did you see that joke I posted yesterday?  If not, go read it.  It’s called “Phone calls from hell.”  Then look at what we have going on here.  There are some screwed up things going on here.

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28 June, 2012

House votes to hold AG Holder in criminal contempt!

Finally, we get some descent news on the whole Fast and Furious thing.  Holder in criminal contempt.  The Congressional Black Caucus walked out in protest, making it a race issue.  17 Democrats sided with the GOP. 

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27 June, 2012

Special Message from the NRA

Tomorrow—Thursday, June 27—the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on whether to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. in contempt of Congress, and to authorize a civil lawsuit to enforce the contempt resolution.

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27 June, 2012

I called it! Now the NRA is backing it up!

I’ve said in previous articles and on my podcasts that the Obama Administration would use Fast and Furious as a way to implement more gun control and it now appears the NRA is backing my theory!  That’s exciting to me because it goes to show, to me at least, that I’m not a goofy nut job conspiracy theorist.

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1 April, 2012

Don’t Forget to Promote the 2nd Amendment and All Your Other Rights Too

Click here to see firearms and other gear for sale and trade in your local area.  I love this site.  It’s called Armslist. It’s basically a Craigslist for guns and ammo.
While you’re at it, join the NRA, GOA,and the  JPFO.

Go read up on the stories at Freedom Fighter Radio, Drudge, and Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, God rest his soul.

As always, I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

III% forever.


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