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11 April, 2014

Potential Armed and Violent Conflict in Nevada

Yesterday, I wrote about the goings on in Clark County, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch.  I discussed that the Bureau of Land Management came in to enforce a lawsuit decision that stemmed from the government’s desire to protect the desert tortoise.  He has been in dispute with the federal government since 1993.

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29 August, 2012

Egypt giving Iran an olive branch?

It would seem the Muslim Brotherhood has given the Iranian regime yet another olive branch.  We’ve heard about the newly formed Egyptian government reopening communication lines with the Iranians in recent months. 

We also know Iran has sent help to Syria’s Assad in his attempt to destroy the civilian uprising against the government there.  Knowing all that tells us Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood supports Syria’s established ruling government, too.

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22 June, 2012

EPA: The playground bully

The EPA has long been a political tool used by liberals to push their environmental agenda.  These bullies overtly work to shut down various parts of industries that don’t jive with their views of ecology and environmentalism.  You know the recent stories of EPA officials talking about “crucifying” the oil industry.  They don’t even try to be subtle about their disgust of industry.  Now, they’re even requiring refiners to use a fuel that doesn’t yet exist

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11 May, 2012

As if Obama needed to become more radical and unethical

We all hear the stories of how our “wonderful” president BHO likes to set rules and then bend them for his own gain, right?  I want you to pay attention to this article people.  It is important to see what our president does and what he thinks he can get away with.  This article will discuss the immorality and unethical behavior or the liberals’ messiah and I plan to cross the whole spectrum of his misteps in the US Presidency.

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