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22 August, 2013

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media coverage?

Had that Australian college student in Duncan, Oklahoma been black and the shooters been white I guarantee you would’ve seen non-stop media coverage, the president would’ve made some retarded statement about the victim being like a son, and the NAACP and their race-baiters would be on the ground making speeches.  Chris Lane isn’t the only white person killed because of his race recently, either.

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21 August, 2013

When your hometown goes wrong

I grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma called Duncan.  You may have seen the news recently about a murder there.  Australian exchange student Chris Lane was jogging Friday and was gunned down by 3 punk kids.  The suspects later confessed to the killing and claimed they wanted to know how it felt and that they were bored.  It is also reported that they admitted they were on the way to kill another teen.  Kudos to the Duncan Police Department for stopping them before anyone else got killed.  However, there’s still something troubling me about this story.  No conspiracy, no cloak and dagger, just troubling.

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27 May, 2013

Memorial Day in Moore

PsalmLike most of you, I had only seen the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma on TV.  I literally live about 30 minutes from Moore, but had not made it down there for a couple of reasons.  First, I absolutely do not like gawkers and looky-lous.  Second, I did not want to find myself in the way of actual workers helping the residents in the area.  Well, that changed for me today as I drove to Moore to meet members of my church, Crossings, at Fresh Start Church in Moore.

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22 May, 2013

Now, I have a chip on my shoulder!

Where did the term “chip on my/your shoulder” come from?  I’ll have to Google that later, but right now, I have a big problem with some of these asshats in D.C. with the politicizing they’ve already started with the Oklahoma tornadoes.

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22 May, 2013

Devastation in Oklahoma

There will be no politics in this article, as I don’t feel  it appropriate.  I live in Oklahoma, not in Moore, but not too awfully far from Moore.  Moore is in the Oklahoma City metro area, as am I.

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15 April, 2013

Mayors Against Illegal Guns: A bunch of freaky nutjobs?

We all know who Mayors Against Illegal Guns is, right?  Well, you may think you do, but I doubt you know as much as you think.  The group is full of mayors from all over the country, mostly Democrats, that want to take your guns away, but they do it in the guise of only wanting illegal guns off the streets.  Well, here’s the deal.  If AR-15s are outlawed and you own one, you are a criminal. 

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13 November, 2012


Sorry for the slower postings, folks.  I have a lot on my plate right now and and trying to keep up.  However, there is something I want to talk about; secession. 

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19 July, 2012

San Francisco officially sucks

Read this story from The Blaze.  This is the type of thing that makes me glad I live in Oklahoma, rather than some over-bearing liberal hippie state like California.

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4 June, 2012

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door!

Chuck Norris, at 72 years old, is awesome in my book.  As a fellow Oklahoman, conservative,  and former martial artist, I’m proud to say I have a few things in common with him.  You’ve probably heard all the sayings about Chuck Norris making him nearly a super hero; you may have seen his portayal on Family Guy.

Now, he’s coming out to support Republican Scott Walker, embattled governor of Wisconsin.  One thing about Mr. Norris is that he tends to stay out of the spotlight.  The very fact that he’s not involved tell me just how serious this is for Wisconsin and the rest of the US.

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25 May, 2012

15,000 Muslims to Assemble in CT in Support of Sharia & Against ‘Islamophobia’ This Weekend

15,000 Muslims to Assemble in CT in Support of Sharia & Against ‘Islamophobia’ This Weekend

From The Blaze

American Muslims who are disheartened by increasingly fervent attacks on sharia law are planning to assemble en masse this weekend to protest against what they fear are attempts to discriminate against their way of life. This weekend, 15,000 believers are expected to descent upon Hartford, Connecticut, for the 37th annual Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) convention.

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18 May, 2012

More on Drones

NATO Summit in Chicago

Well, the US government is at it again with the Drones.  As the city of Chicago gears up for the NATO summit, citizens have started claiming to have seen military action going on around the city.  People claim to have seen Blackhawk helicopters with armed soldier in the doors buzzing around and now people are claiming to have seen predator drones in the area, too.  The problem is, no one really knows it the video that boke recently of a Predator drone is real of fake.  Most of the responders on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze claim it to be a fake.  Go to the Blaze and watch the video.  Then tell me what you think.

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15 May, 2012

Open Carry Becomes Law in Oklahoma – in Nov 2012

Today, Governor Mary Fallin signed into law the Open Carry/Omnibus gun bill, Senate Bill 1733.  Senate Bill 1733 is an omnibus firearm bill containing significant improvements to Oklahoma gun laws, including allowing concealed carry permit holders the choice of open carrying.

Other important provisions include language prohibiting persons, property owners and companies from banning ammunition in locked vehicles; changing the “immediate notification” requirement when a permit holder is stopped by a law enforcement officer to notification at “first opportunity” while also greatly reducing the associated fine for non-compliance; a provision allowing people to carry firearms openly without a permit on their private property; and revisions to the current Oklahoma statute striking the word “concealed” from Oklahoma firearm permit citations and applying the lawful open carrying of firearms to Oklahoma’s firearms preemption law. Additionally, this legislation will allow Sooner State military personnel stationed outside Oklahoma to obtain an Oklahoma permit.  This new law becomes effective November 1, 2012.

For that, I say thank you to Mary Fallin.  Thank you to the Oklahoma legislature for their hard work.  Thank you to the NRA for their involvement and to all the Oklahomans who push for greater 2nd Amendment freedoms.

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