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24 October, 2013

Ok, people, are we angry enough yet?

Are we angry enough, as a nation, at what our government is doing to us?  Are we angry enough about the police abuses all over the country by these globalist progressive bullies?  What about the overreaching federal government that took “long arm of the law” too far?  Well, check out this story from The Blaze.  This one, when I first heard it this morning, about set me off.

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24 September, 2013

Police officers attacking American’s rights?

The most recent story I’ve seen of police officers attacking American’s rights is a story on The Blaze.  It wasn’t an officer tazing or shooting an unarmed or non-threatening man, or an officer bullying a woman at a protest rally, or anything like that.  This was another direct assault on the 1st Amendment.  You may recall the way a man, a concerned parent, was treated when he spoke out against Common Core the other day by a large intimidating police officer working as security at the school district meeting.  Well, this is a different story.

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7 August, 2013

TSA on the move!

If you’ll remember I’ve written about he TSA VIPR teams.  These teams are deployed to any major event they deem “worthy.”  That means a number of things. 

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10 July, 2013

See Something, Say Something

Have you seen the posters that tell you to report any suspicious activity to authorities?  They have the motto, “see something, say something.”  It’s the same tactics employed by Nazi Germany and most, if not all, communist countries.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if some idiot is about to blow up a building, kill a bunch of people, or do some other attack that’s harmful, I want the authorities to know about it so they can stop it before it happens. 

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17 April, 2013

Good Morning! You ready to be angry?

(Photo via Fox News)

Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham was on a ten-mile Boy Scout hike with his son in Texas when he was arrested and accused of “rudely displaying” his firearm.  Knowing there are wild boars, coyotes, and cougars in the area, he had an AR-15 rifle slung over his shoulder and was also carrying a .45 caliber pistol, according to Fox News’ Todd Starnes.

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14 March, 2013

Get a dog!

You don’t need a gun to protect yourself and your family.  Get a dog, instead.  Besides, you can pet  and play with it.  Can’t do that with a gun.  Kind of reminds me of that old Ren and Stimpy thing… you know… The Log.

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5 February, 2013

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Actually, it’s not.  However,  the drones are flying!  Well, that is if John Brennan has his way.  This guy is a vocal proponent of drone strikes on American suspected of working with terror groups abroad.  That sounds all well and good, right? 

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21 September, 2012

What happens if current events take the wrong path?

I’m sure you remember those books that gave you a choice to make and that dictated where the story went.  It would say something like “if you chose ‘a’ turn to page 23, if you chose ‘b’ turn to page 30.”  You had influence on how the story turned out.  Well, right now, most of us have no real role in how the events play out on the world stage; the Middle East on fire, China making threats of war to Japan, Europe’s economy on the verge of a huge recession, etc.

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23 July, 2012

Looky! Looky! More Drones in the air!

You know I hate the fact the governments are using drones against US citizens.  It doesn’t matter what kind of rationale you try to give me for police forces to use such devices, I still believe it’s too far.  Drones come in all kinds of sizes and designs; from very large to very small.  Read this article from CNS News.  It’s very telling and bothersome.  I saw this story and thought to myself, “there’s gonna be trouble.”

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20 June, 2012

Want to see irony? Look to the NSA

So you’ve heard about drones in the sky being used to spy on American farmers or how local police plan to use them to watch crowds to pick out odd behavior.  I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about how our government spies on us and how they violate our rights.  Generally, when you hear someone talk like this, you probably think, as I do, that this person is a nut.  Well, looks like they may have been right.  See the article below from Vision to America.

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10 June, 2012

Police Overkill

Those of you who know me, know that I have a real problem with people who violate the rights of the American public.  Especially when its at the hands of someone in power.  So check out this story from Courthouse News Service.  If this doesn’t make your blood boil, then you’re just not right.

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7 June, 2012

The Latest on Drones

If you’ve followed me for very long, you’ll know the Bill of Rights is dear to my heart.  You’ll also know that I’ve been focusing on this drone thing for a while now.  Some people thought I was crazy and paranoid, but more and more people are coming out about it.

I really enjoy reading Judge Napolitano’s writing.  The man is a brilliant Constitutionalist.  I found an opinion piece he wrote today on Fox News that summed up how I feel about the drones issue pretty concisely.  Click here to read his op-ed.  He stated that if this were done in Thomas Jefferson’s time, there would’ve been muskets trained on it to bring it down.

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29 May, 2012

Iranian general seems to confirm troops are in Syria in interview blunder

From Fox News

TEHRAN –  In an apparent slip-up, an Iranian general has admitted that special forces have been deployed from Tehran to Syria to assist the Assad regime’s crackdown against the anti-government uprising.

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24 May, 2012

More on the Drone Issue… I Even Agree with the ACLU Here!

People, this is scary to me.  I understand the use of drones in the military against enemy personnel.  I understand the point of using them to spy on other countries and their people; especially their people with any kind of real power.  I can even understand the mindset that makes law enforcement think it’s ok to use drones domestically.  I don’t agree with them, but I understand their reasoning.  I believe using drones, whether armed or unarmed, is a violation of the 4th Amendment.  The objection to the use of drones domestically is even shared by ACLU!  There are actually several cases the ACLU is looking at that I agree with them on, but not too many.

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21 May, 2012

Domestic Terror on the Rise?

Black Bloc march. Notice the girl on the lower right is wearing designer sunglasses, yet these people hate such large companies.

Many of you may have heard about the 5 guys in Ohio that intended to blow up bridges around Cleveland.  Over this last weekend a total of about 8 more were arrested in the Chicago area.  These people are calling themselve anarchists.  These anarchist groups are popping up all over the place.  Groups like Black Bloc are becoming more powerful and more popular than ever before; even though their tactics and actions have stayed pretty close to the same since the late 1970s.

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