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17 April, 2014

Look at me now, baby!

Look at me now, baby!  That’s usually a phrase someone would say when they’ve achieved something that no one thought could be done or was, at least, unlikely.  For example, I got my master’s degree.  I, for one, never thought it would happen, but it did.  I know several people who figured I’d drop out of college before getting my bachelor’s, let alone my MBA.  So, that’s where I would say “look at me now!”  However, this is a different story attached to the phrase.

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24 July, 2012

10 year-old boy assaulted and tortured on a school bus.

I always hate to see someone abused and left defenseless.  Read this story from The Blaze.  If it doesn’t make you sick, you are simply lost.  No person, let alone a child, should have to go through this kind of treatment.  This happened a little over a year ago and has just now been released.

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