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17 April, 2014

Look at me now, baby!

Look at me now, baby!  That’s usually a phrase someone would say when they’ve achieved something that no one thought could be done or was, at least, unlikely.  For example, I got my master’s degree.  I, for one, never thought it would happen, but it did.  I know several people who figured I’d drop out of college before getting my bachelor’s, let alone my MBA.  So, that’s where I would say “look at me now!”  However, this is a different story attached to the phrase.

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5 November, 2013

How to get our country back without firing a single shot

No, the answer is not firing several shots, either.  I have come to believe the answer is to change the country from within ourselves.  So many people preach that they want to go back to a simpler time; a time when we were actually free, when our food was actually food, when family meant something.  However, a lot of those people are more into dreaming of armed conflict and the glory of restoring our country to the vision of our founding fathers.

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30 July, 2013

Look at what may come our way

So, for all you who love, or at least approve of, ObamaCare need to read this story.  Basically, an immigrant to New Zealand gets too fat so the government there wants to deport him so he doesn’t become a liability to their GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

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10 June, 2013

Edward Snowden – Hero or Traitor?

Folk, lets call today’s situation what it is.  We are in a revolution and we are fighting for our political lives.  Whether you are a conservative, liberal, or somewhere in the middle, you should care about the root of this issue: the NSA domestic spy program.

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16 May, 2013

The Velvet Revolution has a new hero!

Every movement needs people willing to stand up against tryanny.  Generally, pro athletes aresn’t in that group.  They have too much to lose in the course of their actions.  However, Evan Mathis of the Philadelphia Eagles has stepped up and put himself in the sights of the evil-doers at the IRS.

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13 November, 2012


Sorry for the slower postings, folks.  I have a lot on my plate right now and and trying to keep up.  However, there is something I want to talk about; secession. 

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28 June, 2012

Civil war in the US?

Now, I know the first thing you probably thought when you saw the Tweet or the title was, “What the Hell is this guy talking about?”  Well, I’m looking for input here.  I mean real logical input all around, whether you think we’re on that track or not.  I’m going to present an argument based in fact and I’d like to see what you folks think about it.

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