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8 November, 2012

The days after

I walked into work this morning and was asked by no less than a dozen people how I felt about the election results.  Everyone in my office knows how I feel about President Obama and his policies.  I simply said, “I’m not happy about it, but the US gets the government she deserves.”

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6 November, 2012

Screwed up deal here

FoxNews has reported the following story.  This is screwed up and is clearly electioneering.  Read the story below and see for yourself.  You can follow the elections here tonight, too.


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5 November, 2012

One day left!

One day left, folks, til we decide the fate of our great nation.  Just one day left to make your voice heard.  Who’s it gonna be?  Romney or Obama?  The “R” of the “D”?  Constitutional freedom or more socialism?

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24 October, 2012

Time for a third party?

There are essentially two guys running for president; Obama and Romney.  The left loves Obama, and the right… well, we have Romney.  I think that if Romney wins the election, it won’t be because he’s Mitt Romney.  If Romney wins, I believe it will primarily be because he’s NOT Obama.

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22 October, 2012

A little humor for Monday



22 October, 2012

The media just doesn’t get it

The liberal media is so in the bag for Obama that they are willing to omit facts and entire stories, slant stories to put the president in a better light, and flat out lie to the American public.  Fox News is currently running a series on their website homepage about liberal bias in the main stream media. 

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25 September, 2012

Double standards in media

If there’s one thing I’m sick of, it’s the double standard in media.  Certain remarks are fine to say about certain groups, but not others;  particular people, but only them, not the adversaries; they can mock and undermine some religions, but not others.  It’s a lot of crazy ideas that to be equal in every sense, you have to knock down the majority and pander to the minority.

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17 September, 2012

Why is the Obama Administration lying about Libya?

Ok, so the White House says the attack and subsequent murder of our ambassador and 3 other Americans was a spontaneous protest that got out of control.  That is total BS.  No doubt about it in my mind.

This attack was too coordinated and precise to have been a spur of the moment thing.  The very fact that one of the staffers noted that a Libyan guard was taking pictures before the attack and that the victims were attacked enroute or already at the safe house tells that this was a well planned assault.

The Libyan president even says it was a terror attack and not just a “spontaneous” event.  So why is the Obama Administration saying something different?  Why would they lie?  Well, I think the answer is actually pretty simple.

The first part of the answer is that we are in an election cycle.  Remember, Obama said that is he were elected president, that Muslim hostility would cease the day he took office.  It did not… obviously.  By admitting this was an orchestrated terror attack, the President would be admitting he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to foreign affairs.  Problem is, we already know he doesn’t.  I mean, look at the world apology tour he did shortly after taking office.

Second part of the answer is, after supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, this kind of betrayal would not bode well for Obama or his zombie-like followers.  Remember, while Mubarak  wasn’t the nicest guy around, he was an ally and he kept the peace with Israel.  Now, the extremists in suits called the Muslim Brotherhood has it in for Israel and the West.

Many of us saw that the relationship between the US and Egypt was going to go down hill after Tahrir Square.  You folks remember the Americans that were arrested during the protests?  That just shows what kind of new regime we would be dealing with, even though Mubarak was still in power at the time.

After the protesters won, they kind of lost.  They group that made the change finally happen, turned on their own people to install a more strict Islamist government.  What makes you think any of these countries going through this kind of change will install governments that are friendly to us, much less interested in being allies?

There was even evidence that Al Qaeda and their affiliates  have been involved in the fighting that resulted in Libya and Syria.  What’s more, pretty much the entire Islamic world is on fire.  Not over a freaking POS movie, but rather they simply have a problem with the West, the US specifically.

A couple of things that really pushed the region into violence against the US and our interest.  Iraq and Afghanistan were a large part of that.  Some are angry that we were there in the first place and others are angry that we pulled out of Iraq when we did and that we’re making cuts in Afghanistan.

The simple fact that we can’t even trust the Afghans we train for the police force.  Just about every day, it seems, we lose more soldiers to insider attacks and, although we stopped training them, they’re still killing us.

This has been a war run by congress and political correctness from the beginning.  If our military leadership were able to take the political correctness and remove the people in cushy chairs from leading, we would be much better off.  In fact, I believe if the generals ran the war, rather than a bunch of congressional armchair quarterbacks, this dragged out screwed up mess would be over and our military personnel would have come home victorious already.  Believe me, I know about the rules of engagement over there.  They’re too restrictive in many cases.

So, back to the original thought of this article.  Why is the Obama Administration lying about the reason and events that cost the lives of 4 Americans?  The short answer is that ol Barry has too much to lose in the game.  Notice what he did during 9/11, the murders, and the subsequent threats on the US.  He campaigned and played golf.

Look, folks, it’s time for a new leader.  I don’t care if you vote for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, or Clint Eastwood.  Just go out there and vote for someone who will lead us out of this mess.  We need someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, someone who is willing to personify Reagan in a new era.  I hate to tell you this, but I think Romney’s the choice.  No one else has the support needed to defeat the Obama regime.

Do we need, or even want, another 4 years of this disaster?

7 September, 2012

The Left… Wow! So much to talk about!

Where do I begin?  The Left over the last few days have said some really crazy stuff during the DNC convention.  Delegates threatening Mitt Romney, to Sandra Fluke talking about conservatives as if we want to see women raped and not allow them to buy birth control.  But wait, there’s more…

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31 August, 2012

GOP brought in the MAN!!!

The man!

That’s right!  The GOP brought in the man of men… hope that doesn’t sound wrong.  lol

Clint Eastwood was the mystery speaker last night and I was thrilled!  He has long been my favorite actor and seeing him speak was great!  Although he got mixed reviews by the media, I felt he did great.  Afterall, look what side the media is usually on.

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10 August, 2012

Obama wants to take over US manufacturing…

Awwww… Hell…… I think this is something we all warned about on the Right.  Meanwhile, the Left kept saying it’s not the case.  Well, Ol’ Barry came out saying that he’d like to do what was done with the auto industy to all industry.  He wants to get the government more involved in the day-to-day business of all major sectors of our economy.

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6 August, 2012

Tolerance from the left?

YOu all probably hear about that guy in Tucson, AZ who went through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru and got his free water before berating some poor woman for working in such a “hateful” place that gives money to “hate organizations.”  You may have also heard his company sent him packing. 

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13 July, 2012

Truth, Lies, and Political Campaigns

You’ve seen all the ads and heard all trash coming out of the candidates’ mouths.  It seems these guys have no intention of focusing on the issues, but would rather talk trash about each other.  It seems that Obama’s campaign does a little more lying and fabrication than the Romney camp does, but their both guilty of mud slinging.  So much gets said that in many cases you have no idea what’s the truth and what’s BS.  So here’s how to find out.

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5 July, 2012

Is the individual mandate a tax or not?

Obama’s goons claim the individual mandate is a penalty, not a tax.  The Supreme Court calls it a tax.  The Romney campaign said it was a penalty, rather than a tax, too.  That was until yesterday; Romney came out and finally called it a tax.  I think he’s right in doing so, too.  It is a tax.  Face it, the individual mandate is a tax.  That means Obama lied to us again and the people of this great nation fell for his BS again.  The fact is, even George Stephanopoulos agrees its a tax, and he’s a liberal!

There are even several Democratic governors around the country distancing themselves from Obama after this fiasco of a healthcare law.  Across the board, people are rejecting Obama’s socialist agenda.  Both sides of the fence are realizing Obama is an unconstitutional president.

Romney spoke today, contradicting his senor adviser Eric Fehrnstrom saying, “The majority of the court said it is a tax, and therefore it is a tax,” Romney said in an interview with CBS Wednesday, citing the Supreme Court’s health law ruling last week that the individual mandate fell under the federal government’s authority to levy taxes and was therefore constitutional.

“They have spoken. There’s no way around that. You can try and say you wish they had decided a different way, but they didn’t.”

The GOP is gearing up to repeal the ACA after Chief Justice Roberts flipped the Constitution on its side.  The dissenting Supreme Court justices spoke out against the ruling almost immediately.  What is most disturbing is the language used in the Chief Justice’s decision, written in a way that shows he jumped ship from the conservatives and sided with the liberals.  Was he strictly being “constitutional” or was he setting a fire in the pants of the conservatives and the Tea Party?  That’s my question.  It looks as if he just stabbed us in the back, but we’ll see.

22 June, 2012

2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map

Hey, folks, go check this site out.  You can predict the 2012 elections.  I made a mostly red nation.

This is not my map below, but it was very similar.


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