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2 August, 2012

A criminal working for the unions? Nooooo!!!!!

You see union thugs in the news causing trouble and acting like morons.  These people tend to say they’re working for the good of the people, when they selfish buggers are just lining their own pockets while claiming to be for the little guy.  I saw this on Fox News and thought it was so funny!  Read the following article from

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6 June, 2012

Scott Walker: Still the Gov!

Well, the liberals thought they could get a redo on their election when the governor took steps to fix the states troubled economy.  The thing is, recalls are to be used when the elected official is has committed a felony or some misdimeanors.  However, the left doesn’t see it this way.  They seem to think they have the right to a start-over if they don’t like the outcome.  I’d bet money, they’d throw a huge fit if the Tea Party came in and recalled a Democratic governor.  The double standard never ceases to amase me.

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