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2 July, 2013

Holy Russian-Troops-On-US-Soil, Batman!

I just peed my pants a little, folks.  This is a screwed up deal; COMPLETELY screwed up.  So much so that even groups like ALIPAC and Free Republic are upset.

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4 June, 2013

Hide your guns, people!

John Kerry announced that the administration will sign the UN Arms Treaty.  great, just great.  Kerry, releasing a written statement as the U.N. treaty opened for signature Monday, said the U.S. “welcomes” the next phase for the treaty, which the U.N. General Assembly approved on April 2. 

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1 May, 2013

Progessives causing the demise of the American culture

Some people are stupid, flat-out stupid.  There are others that are evil.  There are others that know what’s going on and still other who think they do, but have no clue.   This will likely anger some of the quasi-patriots and the neo-patriots off, but since when have I cared who I make angry. The quasi- and neo-patriots aren’t bad people or of malintent.  They tend to be simply misinformed people who believe they are doing what’s best for the country and her citizens. 

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11 February, 2013

Is Ron Paul a fake?

Ron Paul has long been a proponent of liberty in the US.  He has also been on the warpath against the UN’s intrusion into American politics and sovereignty, but is he really?  Read this story from Fox News and decide.

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28 September, 2012

Once the UN does this, our sovereignty is gone

Fox News is reporting about the UN’s new global tax.  Read the story below.  Look, folks, if this goes through, we have lost our sovereignty as a nation.  The people up high will tell you that’s not the case, but if you think about it, you pay taxes to the ones who govern you.  That means the UN will effectively govern the world and that includes the US.  I propose the US get out of the UN immediately.  However, for that to happen, we need new leadership in the White House and Congress.  Those in power now, have a vested interest in globalism and handing our well-being and sovereignty over to the UN.

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16 July, 2012

Tell Hillary not to sign the Arms Trade Treaty

Click here to sign the petition

Then pass the link to everyone you know.  This isn’t just about guns, people.  It’s about freedom.

9 May, 2012

May 10th, 2012 Show- UN telling US to give away Mt Rushmore, Obama has screwed us again, Muslim Brotherhood in charge of your safety, Iran, and more

There are some messed up things in this world.  We’re going to expose them in tonight’s show.  First off, The Washington Times is reporting that a human rights commission from the UN telling the US to give Mount Rushmore back to the American Indians.  Then, we have Obama has sold us out (nothing new) to the enemy by putting Muslim Brotherhood in key positions of the DHS and he’s signed an executive order giving up some of our sovereignty to the UN. Egypt’s Islamists see Jerusalem as their future capital.  The White House’s cover up of the new underwear bomber and their lies about who he is.

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21 April, 2012

Why Are We Still in the UN

When I think of the UN, I think of a defunct and corrupt non-functioning organization that is a drain on American resources and a threat to American sovereignty.  I think of a body that has too much power over world policies and cultural practices, especially industrialized western countries.

Scandals, corruption, mismanagement, and denial of national sovereignty are just a few of the problems facing the UN.  They created the state of Israel in 1948 to give displaced Jews a home after WWII, but now they overtly conspire against them.  They allow bigots and racists to run international programs making aggressors into victims, allowing more crimes and armed conflict.  The UN says they want to protect and help people, but their actions suggest otherwise.

Recent UN Scandals

We’ve all heard about the UN’s oil-for-food scandal that was all over the news several years ago.  Basically, this started as a way for the UN to provide food, medicine, and other necessities to the people of Iraq.  Saddam Hussein was still the dictator and the people were suffering.  The UN would allow Iraq to sell a set amount of their oil.  The profits were to be used for food, medicine, and other basic needs for the population.  The problem was that too many people were interested in those profits.  Politically connected insiders got rich, including the Secretary-General’s son.  We will likely never know the truth of how deep and wide-spread the corruption went and those involved will likely never be punished.

What about the sexual abuse at the hands of UN Peacekeepers on UN missions in Bosnia, The Republic of Congo, Haiti, and Uruguay.  The people attacked were the very people the “Peacekeepers” were supposed to protect.  Now while the UN has trained their troops not to do these things, the organization refuses to investigate and pursue the accused.  This has been a problem for at least 16 of their peace keeping missions around the world.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the decades of financial mismanagement and fraud.

National Sovereignty

One thing the UN is not about is national sovereignty. If you doubt that, look at the UN’s Agenda 21.  You can also look into their plan to tax industrialized nations.  Another sign that shows where the UN stands on our sovereignty is the recent case in Texas.  Texas was about to execute a convicted murderer, Humberto Garcia Leal.  This man was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, as well.  The UN claims that since the man was a Mexican citizen, he should have had consular advice and privileges.  The funny part of that is that if the roles were reversed, and an American were accused of murder in another country, there would likely be no consular privileges.  The UN sets a double standard between the wealthier countries and the poorer ones.  The US puts more money into the UN than anyone else; they even have their headquarters in the US.  The UN rents the space and, according to several media outlets like Fox News and CNN, they are behind on their payments.

Why is the UN still Pretending to be Viable?

We all know they are not a viable any longer.  They went the way of the League of Nations long ago.  The UN has nothing to offer the United States any longer except for being the largest charity in the world.  While some of their missions may be well intended, the most of them seem to be politically motivated and rarely do what they intended in the beginning.  can you tell me the last UN program that actually benefited the intended party as it was supposed to?

The UN stonewalls auditors and investigators, refuses to release financial records, appoints corrupt people to positions of power, and putting nations in charge of programs and committees that they themselves violate.  For example, putting Iran on the council that oversees women’s rights in the world.

The UN is a paper tiger that can’t even give paper cuts.  In fact, they’re a wet paper tiger.  They have no teeth, but plenty of ways to screw the US and our allies out of money and resources.

What Should the US Do?

It’s simple.  Get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.  We do not need them.  They definitely need us and they should be grateful that we are still involved.  Some people say that the US is kind of a guard keeping the UN decent, but they do not listen to us; they do not respect us.  What do we get for the millions upon millions of dollars we invest in the UN? We get a voice that is largely ignored.  The UN’s silence on their many failures is deafening.  It’s time to get out.  It’s time to tell the UN to leave US soil and we need to become more isolationist.  Not completely, but more that direction.  We need to become more self-reliant in our food production, energy, materials, and consumer products.  Buying American and using American energy and food will help our economy thrive and we won’t necessarily be so prone to economic fluctuation when the rest of the world has their highs and lows.  It could result in the US not being the richest in the world, but we likely wouldn’t have the inflationary, economic, and employment problems we’re facing now.

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