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6 March, 2013

Family and Faith: Important Components to Successful Prepping

There are several components to successful prepping, but there are none more important, in my view, as family and faith.  Without those two critical parts, survival will be just that; survival.  In a prepping or survival, merely surviving isn’t good, you want to be able to survive well or thrive, if possible.

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10 May, 2012

Didn’t I Tell Ya Ol’ Barry’s Approval of Gay Marriage is Political?

Well, I was right.  I love being right.  Did you know I am right most of the time?  I know that.  You know how I know?  I follow up on what I say and make sure.  If I’m wrong, I admit it and fix it.

So, you can look back as my previous posts about Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage and see where I said it was a political ploy.  Well, read this article from the Blaze.

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