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21 March, 2012

Civil or Uncivil Discourse

Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis’ office was attacked by someone throwing molotov cocktails.  While she wasn’t there, herself, two of her staffers were.  Generally, when you have someone become violent toward a politician, it is politically motivated.  Obviously, that’s not always the case, but generally, I’d say it’s the case.  No one was hurt in the attack, but I’m pretty sure they had the crap scared out of them.

You normally have two types of people who commit these attacks.  They tend to be either left wing nutjobs or right wing nutjobs.  You tend to see more violence ffrom the left than the right, but you do get the occaion that some right winger gets too wound up and snaps.

Today, we’re going to discuss when to use civil discourse or when to use uncivil discourse.

Civil Discourse

Generally, civil discoursde is the way to go.  You can get up and protest something, have a sit-in and get arrested for non-compliance.  If civil dicourse is done correctly, you’ll see results in a lot of cases.

One problem you have in civil discourse is that what may be civil to one group, may not be considered civil to another.  You know, as well as I do, that politics is a heated debate and a lot of people become very passionate about it.

Primarily, you see civil discourse in the Tea Party, Sons of Liberty Riders, parts of the Occupy movement.  Civil discourse tends to get bad publicity as trouble makers and such.  You know, the left calls the Tea Party names like Tea Baggers.  Occupy called Flea Baggers.  The names go on and on.  You’ll notice that the two conservative groups I listed have not become violent, but the one liberal group has.

Uncivil Discourse

Uncivil or Noncivil discourse has a place in our society.  However, you must be careful about how and when you use it.  That’s the big problem in today goings-on.  People are resulting to violence too quickly and its not necessary.  You find a lot of this kind of behavior from the Occupy Wall St people as they have a history of attacking small businesses, assaulting passersby in nice cars, deficating in public, etc.  This isn’t the first time the left has become violent and destroyed property that doesn’t belong to them.

Now, like I said, uncivil discourse does have a place in our society.  That place is when all other forms of discourse breakdown.  In order to be a break down, there are certain things that have to happen.

1) Your civil discourse has been met with violent counter attacks,

2) The authorities have squashed all attempts at civil discourse,

or 3) the rights have been simple taken away.

At that point, I’d suggest its time to follow in the words of our forefathers and the original intent of the 2nd Amendment.

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