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10 July, 2012

How screwed up is the UN? The latest evidence.

The UN. UN-Amercian. The UN is nothing more than a dysfunctional group of people with nothing more than liberal, feel-good, politically correct numb skulls and idiots.  We all know that the UN has had scandal after scandal in the areas of financial mismanagement, corruption, good-ol-boys type of appointments, etc.  We’ve seen nations put on committees when they had no right to be in such seats.  Well, people, there’s more now.

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9 July, 2012

Don’t think Iran is a threat? Think again.

Don’t think Iran is a threat to the US?  Think again, people.  the following article from Fox News goes to show just how insidious these people are.  When will the Canadians learn that their liberal ways are hurting their country?  Not only theirs now, either.  Canada’s liberal policies have also put the US in danger.  This also shows that political correctness never does anything good.

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