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17 July, 2012

I love this story!

From The Blaze:

Samuel Williams could soon become a poster child for concealed carry. Or rather a poster senior citizen.

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21 June, 2012

What is up with federal agents acting like morons?

We all remember the stories of the Secret Service agents going off the hook in Columbia.  One agent didn’t want to pay his hooker and thought that his position could intimidate her into just leaving.  I’m glad she didn’t back down, although, it was an embarassment to the US.  She called it like it was with those guys.  She did her talk shows and referred to them as, I think she said, morons, idiots, or something of the sort.  Well, she was right, they were morons, idiots, and such. 

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12 June, 2012

Hate Groups: Who are they and how to deal with them.

We all know they’re out there.  We all know they act like they’re the good guys and that they have legitimate reasons for hating other groups.  They base their hate on stereotypes and outright paranoid lies.  Who are they and how do we fight them?  Well this is not an exhaustive list, by any means, but it’s a start.

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