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25 June, 2012

Egypt lining up with Iran?

I said yesterday that the election of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Muhammed Morsi could cause problems with Egypt’s relationships with the US and Israel.  I mentioned how it always comes back to bite us in the butt when he support any faction in the Middle East. 

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15 June, 2012

Are Liberals Really More Tolerant than Conservatives?

Let me start out saying this.  I’m a three percenter; a three percenter forever.  What does that mean, besides the rhetoric and the fight-to-the-death-for-liberty mentality?  It means that everyone has equal rights under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  That’s regardless of race, ethnicity, political affiation, gender, sexuality, etc.  All people have the same rights, in my book.  We all, also, have the same responsibilty when it comes to defending those rights.  Not just for ourselves, but for everyone else, as well.  That leads me to the next question, between liberals and conservatives, who is more tolerant of others?  It also means that we help others in charitable ways when we can.

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