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2 August, 2012

A criminal working for the unions? Nooooo!!!!!

You see union thugs in the news causing trouble and acting like morons.  These people tend to say they’re working for the good of the people, when they selfish buggers are just lining their own pockets while claiming to be for the little guy.  I saw this on Fox News and thought it was so funny!  Read the following article from

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4 June, 2012

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door!

Chuck Norris, at 72 years old, is awesome in my book.  As a fellow Oklahoman, conservative,  and former martial artist, I’m proud to say I have a few things in common with him.  You’ve probably heard all the sayings about Chuck Norris making him nearly a super hero; you may have seen his portayal on Family Guy.

Now, he’s coming out to support Republican Scott Walker, embattled governor of Wisconsin.  One thing about Mr. Norris is that he tends to stay out of the spotlight.  The very fact that he’s not involved tell me just how serious this is for Wisconsin and the rest of the US.

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