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24 October, 2013

Ok, people, are we angry enough yet?

Are we angry enough, as a nation, at what our government is doing to us?  Are we angry enough about the police abuses all over the country by these globalist progressive bullies?  What about the overreaching federal government that took “long arm of the law” too far?  Well, check out this story from The Blaze.  This one, when I first heard it this morning, about set me off.

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14 June, 2012

Another Story with WTF Factor

Some stories come out and I think, “WTF?”  You saw one a few months ago, but read this one.  This one will make you want to scream.  Don’t let your kids see this one.  This is really messed up.  If you have kids in this sorry excuse for a school, I suggest private school or home schooling.  This is simply a story that shocked me when I first read it.  Not because some jerks in the public school system took it upon themselves to mentally rape a bunch of children, but because they defended it as part of the state curriculum.  Read the story below.  You may want to take a sedative first though.

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23 May, 2012

Another Story With Some WTF To It:

This is a story a came across today while doing my scan of the latest stories.  I didn’t have time to rewrite it so I figured I’d copy and paste it and give my take.  Get your duct tape ready, people.  This is BS.  I found nothing on CNN or MSNBC about this.

Colorado May Vote on Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Migrants

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